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What is Digital Marketing? Why You Should Hire a Local Company?

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by | Oct 7, 2019 | Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing can mean a lot of different things in today’s world.  From search engine optimization to social media marketing it can include a lot of important matters. Did you know that 87% of customers say brands need to put more effort into providing a consistent customer experience? When it comes down to it what can a local digital marketing agency do you for and how can it help your business?  An agency can help you navigate the ins and outs of the constantly changing world. So, what exactly could do a Fort Collins digital marketing agency for you?

Improve Your Business

Digital Marketing Agencies can help you evaluate your company’s marketing needs and develop a personal strategy to help you maximize web traffic and profit.  As a Fort Collins digital marketing agency, we can work with you personally to improve your websites efficiency and productivity. We will help you define your exact target audience and analyze your customer’s behaviors in the buying journey.

Measuring your Success

One of the best advantages of hiring a local agency is being able to measure your success.  When a company runs a digital marketing campaigns, you are able to see how much you invested, how much you got in return and how many conversions your campaign helped create.  You can measure your success over different time periods, success of different ads and what type of advertising works best for your business. You can then use this data to learn even more about your audience to improve future campaigns.

Different Aspects of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing covers anything from search engine optimization, website development to online advertising such as Pay-Per-Click.  Having an optimized website is your chance to make a good first impression with your consumers.  As a Fort Collins digital marketing agency you need to know what pictures, colors and content to use to stay attractive to your customers. According to Adobe, 38% of people will stop interacting with a website if they find the layout to be unattractive.  A Digital Marketing agency can help you optimize your site for mobile users, create an attractive layout, and ensure the site runs smoothly.

How to Choose the Right Digital Marketing Agency?

Depending on what sort of results you want from working with an agency, there are many different factors to consider when choosing a local agency.  You want to hire an agency in Fort Collins that gives you full transparency in the services they are going to provide and how they will do it. There are some agencies out there that will hide the fact they own your website after building it for you, so if you ever leave them you lose ownership of your site.  You also want to insure you chose an agency that is credible. Read through a companies’ testimonials and reviews before choosing to work with them. A good marketer will be able to evaluate a client’s industry, social media and online presence and then suggest an effective strategy. Overall you should choose a company that aligns well with you as a person and/or business.  Marketing is supposed to be fun and lighthearted for the business owners. Make sure the company your working with is fun, friendly and worth talking to in every meeting.

Why Choose iPoint for Your Fort Collins Digital Marketing Needs?

Here at iPoint, we take pride in the fact we can work personally with you to customize your digital marketing experience to your liking.  When you come to iPoint you aren’t just a client, you are part of the iPoint family. We will insure you are happy with your results and work personally with you every step of the way to make we are always on the same page.  Many bigger companies have so many clients they are not able to give you a personal relationship with a marketer. At iPoint, we are a small creative team but can create a customized plan with you and insure you never will feel out of place giving us a call at (970) 266-0703 to get started.