Support Request


To submit a Support Request, please fill out the form below. We prefer you submit the form first before calling so that we may service your needs in the order of which they come in to our system.

  1. Evaluate the support request and contact the onsite contact of the request or the submitter.
  2. Please be aware all support requests must be approved by the onsite contact prior to iPoint starting the support call and dispatching a technician.
  3. If the request is considered an emergency or if a technician must address the issue immediately it will be billed at iPoint’s emergency rate for the service call. If the call is not an emergency regular rates apply.
  4. Emergency response should be less than 4 hours during normal business hours.
  5. All after hours and weekend support will be billed at the emergency/after hour’s rate and must be scheduled ahead of time.
  6. Phone Support Requests – All phone support requests are handled in the same manner as online requests. They must be made by the onsite contact.
    iPoint does not monitor any voicemail outside normal business hours except the network technicians extensions, which are monitored 24/7.

If you are having trouble with the form please call iPoint at 970-266-0703 and select the extension for the department you’re trying to reach, then leave a voice mail message with a brief explanation of the problem and phone number. All voice mails automatically forwards to their cell phones and you will be contacted as soon as we becomes available. There is no need to submit multiple requests.



Network Support Technicians

Bill Bleich – x301
[email protected]

Mark Herndon – x303
[email protected]


Our goal is to complete all website updates within one week of getting the request. Priority support is offered for our Continuous Care Clients, which offers a turn around time of 48 hours.

We will email you an estimate for any changes we anticipate to exceed 3 hours of development time.

Website Support Technicians

Sarah Zawadzki – x302
[email protected]

Ivy Bergstrom – X305
[email protected]

Web/Network Support