Display Ads

Target your clients with precision. Users who are retargeted are 70% more likely to convert.

Our competitors’ average CPC (Cost Per Click – the money you spend) rate.

iPoint’s average CPC rate.

Our competitors’ average CTR (Click Through Rate).

iPoint’s average CTR.

What are Display Ads?

Display ads are image-based advertisements that utilize Google’s ad network to showcase your company to potential customers as they browse the web. Your ad will be displayed on various different sites, such as CNN, News Week, Fox News, and others. Display ads work great for brand awareness, new businesses, and anyone wanting to grow their audience.

Display Advertising Plans Include

Animation and Still Imagery Ads

A mobile-friendly opportunity to reach new clients, and draw them in with eye-catching advertisements.

Ad Design

Designed by talented professionals at iPoint Technologies.


We go the extra mile to assess what works, and what doesn’t. It is an ongoing process that allows us to create the most effective ads we possibly can.

Monthly Reporting

Comes with an optional monthly meeting, where we will walk you through the reports together.

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Display Ads

Frequently Asked Questions

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Your ads will appear on other websites that allow advertising in white-spaces on their page. Common types of websites that support this are news and media websites, and entertainment websites. They even appear on Youtube!

Yes! We optimize our ads for both desktop and mobile devices so we can show them to as many people as possible.

We track that for you! Then, we send out monthly reports on its performance. We also offer monthly meetings in person, over video chat, or over phone call where we will walk you through the reports and answer any questions you may have.

Nope! Display ads through iPoint do not pop up, or block the screens of website visitors because this tends to annoy clients and deter them from using the website that the ad is displaying on.

Yes, we do! This means that we make two different versions of an ad that will have some minor differences, and then we run both versions and compare how they are performing. Whichever ad performs best will keep running, and the poorer performing and will be stopped, and its’s funds will be reallocated to the better ad.

Absolutely! We have clients who only offer seasonal services, and therefore only want to market during those times. We also have clients who find their ads to bring in too much traffic, too suddenly, and therefore need to have them turned off. Anytime we adjust your services, we may ask for that adjustment in writing.

CPC, or Cost Per Click, is how much you spend when a customer clicks on your advertisement. This means you only pay when someone clicks on your ad!

In simple terms, a conversion is when someone does something that you’re trying to get them to do via marketing efforts. We understand this is vague, but many people consider different things to be conversions, depending on their goals. We suggest considering phone calls to be conversions, and filling forms out on your website to be conversions. If you have an e-commerce site, we recommend also considering sales online to be part what you calculate as conversions.

CTR (Click Through Rate) is a percentage of people who click an after after seeing it. If your CTR is 2.5%, that means that 2.5% of all people who saw your advertisement clicked on it.