What is Digital Marketing? Why You Should Hire a Local Company?

Digital Marketing can mean a lot of different things in today’s world.  From search engine optimization to social media marketing it can include a lot of important matters. Did you know that 87% of customers say brands need to put more effort into providing a consistent customer experience? When it comes down to it what can a local digital marketing agency do you for and how can it help your business?  An agency can help you navigate the ins and outs of the constantly changing world. So, what exactly could do a Fort Collins digital marketing agency for you?


Improve Your Business

Digital Marketing Agencies can help you evaluate your company’s marketing needs and develop a personal strategy to help you maximize web traffic and profit.  As a Fort Collins digital marketing agency, we can work with you personally to improve your websites efficiency and productivity. We will help you define your exact target audience and analyze your customer’s behaviors in the buying journey.


Measuring your Success

One of the best advantages of hiring a local agency is being able to measure your success.  When a company runs a digital marketing campaigns, you are able to see how much you invested, how much you got in return and how many conversions your campaign helped create.  You can measure your success over different time periods, success of different ads and what type of advertising works best for your business. You can then use this data to learn even more about your audience to improve future campaigns.


Different Aspects of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing covers anything from search engine optimization, website development to online advertising such as Pay-Per-Click.  Having an optimized website is your chance to make a good first impression with your consumers.  As a Fort Collins digital marketing agency you need to know what pictures, colors and content to use to stay attractive to your customers. According to Adobe, 38% of people will stop interacting with a website if they find the layout to be unattractive.  A Digital Marketing agency can help you optimize your site for mobile users, create an attractive layout, and ensure the site runs smoothly.


How to Choose the Right Digital Marketing Agency?

Depending on what sort of results you want from working with an agency, there are many different factors to consider when choosing a local agency.  You want to hire an agency in Fort Collins that gives you full transparency in the services they are going to provide and how they will do it. There are some agencies out there that will hide the fact they own your website after building it for you, so if you ever leave them you lose ownership of your site.  You also want to insure you chose an agency that is credible. Read through a companies’ testimonials and reviews before choosing to work with them. A good marketer will be able to evaluate a client’s industry, social media and online presence and then suggest an effective strategy. Overall you should choose a company that aligns well with you as a person and/or business.  Marketing is supposed to be fun and lighthearted for the business owners. Make sure the company your working with is fun, friendly and worth talking to in every meeting.


Why Choose iPoint for Your Fort Collins Digital Marketing Needs?

Here at iPoint, we take pride in the fact we can work personally with you to customize your digital marketing experience to your liking.  When you come to iPoint you aren’t just a client, you are part of the iPoint family. We will insure you are happy with your results and work personally with you every step of the way to make we are always on the same page.  Many bigger companies have so many clients they are not able to give you a personal relationship with a marketer. At iPoint, we are a small creative team but can create a customized plan with you and insure you never will feel out of place giving us a call at (970) 266-0703 to get started.


How to Use Facebook Ads to Reach a Broader Audience?

Facebook Ads have created a whole new world of advertising. With over 2.4 billion monthly users Facebook has an impeccable reach that no other social media platform can match. This can hurt you or help you as a small business. It gives you a huge customer base to access, but this also means you must stand out from everyone else in order to get noticed.

How to Stand Out-
Companies must give something before they ask for something. Your company should provide something of value and before pitching a product. The pitch can start with a simple video or article pertaining to your field, and that can help create the wanted meaningful connection between the company and the customer. Another way to stand out in the business community is by being specific. When a customer sees an ad for the first time, they should know exactly what your company offers. A big mistake you can make when creating the ad is being too broad. Before you create the ad, you should know exactly what audience your trying to reach and avoid being too broad.

How Often Should You Run Your Ad Campaigns?
One mistake a lot of companies make is running too many ad campaigns at once. Running too many campaigns can yield high costs, customer confusion and bad results. You should find one ad campaign that works and use it instead of 3- 4 ads that are all different.

Choosing Your Objective
A mistake a lot of companies make is having an ad lead straight to a sales page instead of page that could show them more about a company. This violates the rule we talked about earlier, you must give something before you ask for something. As a company you must provide an intermediary step before you try to sell something. You must create a relationship with the customer, so when they are ready to hit buy, they chose you.

Always Follow Up
As a business owner you must follow up on a campaign after it is active. You must analyze your campaigns on an on-going basis and look at your Return on Ad Spend, cost. Relevance and CPM metrics and adjust your objective and targeting based on those results. You should also manage your successful ads rather than wasting time and money creating new ones. Facebook ads need at least 50 conversions per ad set per week to function. If you have one ad that reaches this amount of conversions it is much better to optimize this ad, then creating more that will only yield a few conversions each. Remarketing a working ad can be way more effective then creating a new one.

Timing and Audience
Timing can vary greatly depending on what type of industry you are in. Ever since Facebook introduced the newsfeed in 2009, marketers have been trying to crack the algorithm in order to find the best time to run ad campaigns. The timing wont matter much if your targeting the wrong audience. Before researching what timing is best to run your and you must first find your target demographic. Once you have your audience, you can start researching what times will be best to run your ad. Did you know the highest earning day of the week for online retailers is Monday? And that consumer spending increased in the beginning and middle of the month due to the “paycheck effect”? In order to find the best timing for your company you must know what days create the most sale, what time of day your audience is online and when you generate the most conversions. Once you can answer those questions you will know what time is best to run your ad.

Need Help?
iPoint specializes in Social Media Marketing, Strategy and Management. If you need help with your page or ads contact us at


Company Spotlight- Bee Mindful

Bee Mindful is run by our great Web Developer Devin. It is a Registered 501(c)3 Non-Profit company that specializes in raising awareness for bees by helping organizations put bees in public spaces such as schools and golf courses. Bee Mindful’s main initiative is to help beginning beekeepers get the proper (hands on) education and training to become successful and mindful beekeepers. Bee populations are declining worldwide and we as citizens should be informed about how we are responsible and how we can help. Click here to check out Bee Mindul on Facebook today!


Why Pay Per Click is Important to your Business?

Figuring out different ways to advertise your business can be frustrating. There are so many different options out there and advertising can get expensive. At iPoint, we have Pay per Click campaigns that are made for your business so you aren’t paying for what you don’t need. Still not convinced? Read on to learn more about PPC.

What is it?

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising allows you to drive targeting traffic to your website and only pay for actual clicks to your site. It allows for maximum exposure while you control the amount you want to spend on your marketing campaign.

But my business doesn’t need to be advertised globally…

PPC campaigns can be set to only advertise regionally or globally depending on your business needs. You can even review the effectiveness of your ad campaign through ad reports.

What does an iPoint PPC Campaign look like?

Your campaign may be sued as a supplement or replacement for organic search engine optimization. PPC campaigns will quickly bring visitors to your website. You may want to run a PPC campaign during the initial months of organic search engine optimization. iPoint’s PPC experts obsess about results and send custom monthly reports, giving you analysis on exactly how your campaign is performing.

What does iPoint’s PPC services include?

We create accounts with your preferred pay per click engines such as Google AdWords, Yahoo! Sponsored Search, and Bing Microsoft adCenter. We also use proven methods to select optimal keywords based on pay per click analytics and natural search engine optimization reports. You are provided with full access to reporting and campaigns, so you know exactly what is happening with your PPC campaign. To top it off, we monitor and research your campaigns to determine when to vary your keyword and ad copy strategy and/or increase or decrease your budget to fully optimize your campaigns.

Pay per Click doesn’t need to be scary. We have the experts to answer your questions and make sure you are on the right path! Give us a call or visit our web page today to learn more about how PPC can help your business grow.

Millennials and Local Listings Management: 3 Fast Facts

Millennials: the largest, loudest and most tech-savvy generation to date. Every industry is investing considerable marketing dollars in learning as much about America’s 22 – 36 year olds as possible, and it’s no wonder why. Here are three fast facts about the Millennial generation.

Fact 1: Millennials are powerful.

With over $1.3 trillion in buying power, Millennials have more spending influence than any other generation. They’re an even larger population than the Baby Boomers. Their influence on the economy will be huge once they reach prime spending years.

Fact 2: Millennials are connected.

They’re the most social generation to date. The average Millennial consumer spends 25 hours online weekly. Most spend at least 7 hours a day on social devices like smartphone, laptops, and tablets.

Fact 3: Millennials are reading online reviews.

This drive towards digital has affected the way Millennials shop. According to a study by BOXT, 80% of Millennials never purchase a product without reading online reviews first.

Millennials consider online reviews more credible than digital ads. They would rather buy a product recommended to them by a friend, family member, or stranger than one recommended by an ad. Most read at least six reviews before buying.

So, where are Millennials reading your company’s reviews before spending?

Social networks force businesses to communicate more authentically than on traditional review sites, which appeals to Millennial’s desire for relationship and connectivity.

This has caused a shift away from online review sites like Yelp and Angie’s List and toward apps like FourSquare, Facebook, and Instagram. These social networks provide Millennials the opportunity to vent their frustrations, share their excitement, and receive immediate feedback from friends on purchasing decisions.

Millennials have more money, provide more feedback, and establish more connections with companies than any generation to date. Are you doing everything possible to secure the best reviews for your products?

We can help.

Our Local Listings Management services provide proactive listing updates that monitor, analyze and re-optimize your business information.

By logging in to your personalized dashboard, you can make a custom review to email customers. This  can then be published directly online. Our Social Chatter tool gives you a summary of what people are mentioning about your business on social media outlets. Another useful feature shows you what images are being publicized by apps, maps, search engines, directories and social networks in connection with your business.

If your business is going to continue to thrive, you need to reach Millennial audiences. We can help you use business reviews to make this possible.

Social Media Blues got you down? We can help!

Social media can be a fun way to interact with the local community and reach new consumers. With so many diverse platforms, the possibilities for how social media can enhance your business are nearly endless.

Creating a social media platform for your business can be a daunting task. What platforms should you use? How do you post on each platform? What content should you post? This is just the beginning of the long list of questions many business owners ponder before making the decision to start using social media for their business. Lucky for you, iPoint is here to help!

We start off with a social media consultation. This allows us to understand your needs, wants, and answer any questions you might have. We’ll then discuss which platforms would benefit you and how to get started. Our professionals know the ins-and-outs of social media platforms and are ready to teach you how to use social networking to boost sales and improve CRM. We can also go over relevant content so you know what to post to reach maximum brand exposure and gain plenty of followers.

Here are four tips from our social media strategists on how to enhance your social media usage:

Pick the right platforms for your business.

You don’t need an account on every social media platform. That’s overwhelming and can be a waste of time. Figure out what platforms your consumers use and focus on just two or three. That way, your time can be effectively utilized in creating strong and unique content for your target market.

Time your postings.

There are prime postings for every social media platform. Sharing content when your audience is most likely to be online increases likes and engagement.

Amplify your most vocal supporters.

It’s important to showcase those who follow you on social media and like or comment on your posts. Comment back. Offer special deals. This allows your business to seem more personal and builds relationships with consumers.

Be unique.

Your business is one of a kind. Your social media should show that. Consumers want to have a personalized experience. Showcasing what makes your business unique and fun allows your audience to better understand your brand personality.

You’re Losing 95% of Web Traffic: Here’s Why

You’ve updated your website with an incredible WordPress theme, written killer copy to highlight your brand’s story, and spent hours curating original content—all with the help of a professional web designer.

There’s only one problem: you’re not getting any traffic. No one is visiting your website, there are very few clicks on your services, and you’re not seeing the ROI you hoped for when you signed up for web hosting services.

Wondering why?

Only 5% of web users check the second page of results when searching for a product or service. If you don’t have first-page rankings, your website is invisible to 95% of potential customers. Even worse, the first search result earns 33% of all views: if you’re not in the top three search results, you’re losing 60% of web traffic. This means less visits to your site and less profit for your company.

So how can your site—whether representing major brand or a small business—gain first-page rankings?

Search engine optimization.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of connecting clients’ search terms with your website. When people type these keywords and phrases into major search engines like Google or Bing, your business’ website shows up at the top of search results.

SEO is affordable, effective, and vital in an increasingly competitive and web-driven marketplace. If you’re not maximizing your online presence, potential clients will find your competitors as your website disappears into millions of search results.

Not sure where to start? We can help.

At iPoint, we offer specialized SEO services so business owners don’t need to stress and wonder if their webpage is on the first page of results. Our specialists know what keywords and phrases are relevant to consumers. Combine that with our white hat optimization techniques, and your business with experience increased web traffic and significant ROI.

We understand that your SEO campaign should be just as unique as your business. After developing a thorough understanding of your brand’s specific needs, we’ll create the SEO package that’s right for you. Call today at (970) 266- 0703 to or visit us online for a free consultation. We can’t wait to earn first-page rankings for your website.