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How to Use Facebook Ads to Reach a Broader Audience?

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by | Aug 21, 2019 | Digital Marketing

Facebook Ads have created a whole new world of advertising. With over 2.4 billion monthly users Facebook has an impeccable reach that no other social media platform can match. This can hurt you or help you as a small business. It gives you a huge customer base to access, but this also means you must stand out from everyone else in order to get noticed.

How to Stand Out-
Companies must give something before they ask for something. Your company should provide something of value and before pitching a product. The pitch can start with a simple video or article pertaining to your field, and that can help create the wanted meaningful connection between the company and the customer. Another way to stand out in the business community is by being specific. When a customer sees an ad for the first time, they should know exactly what your company offers. A big mistake you can make when creating the ad is being too broad. Before you create the ad, you should know exactly what audience your trying to reach and avoid being too broad.

How Often Should You Run Your Ad Campaigns?
One mistake a lot of companies make is running too many ad campaigns at once. Running too many campaigns can yield high costs, customer confusion and bad results. You should find one ad campaign that works and use it instead of 3- 4 ads that are all different.

Choosing Your Objective
A mistake a lot of companies make is having an ad lead straight to a sales page instead of page that could show them more about a company. This violates the rule we talked about earlier, you must give something before you ask for something. As a company you must provide an intermediary step before you try to sell something. You must create a relationship with the customer, so when they are ready to hit buy, they chose you.

Always Follow Up
As a business owner you must follow up on a campaign after it is active. You must analyze your campaigns on an on-going basis and look at your Return on Ad Spend, cost. Relevance and CPM metrics and adjust your objective and targeting based on those results. You should also manage your successful ads rather than wasting time and money creating new ones. Facebook ads need at least 50 conversions per ad set per week to function. If you have one ad that reaches this amount of conversions it is much better to optimize this ad, then creating more that will only yield a few conversions each. Remarketing a working ad can be way more effective then creating a new one.

Timing and Audience
Timing can vary greatly depending on what type of industry you are in. Ever since Facebook introduced the newsfeed in 2009, marketers have been trying to crack the algorithm in order to find the best time to run ad campaigns. The timing wont matter much if your targeting the wrong audience. Before researching what timing is best to run your and you must first find your target demographic. Once you have your audience, you can start researching what times will be best to run your ad. Did you know the highest earning day of the week for online retailers is Monday? And that consumer spending increased in the beginning and middle of the month due to the “paycheck effect”? In order to find the best timing for your company you must know what days create the most sale, what time of day your audience is online and when you generate the most conversions. Once you can answer those questions you will know what time is best to run your ad.

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