Geofencing Advertising

Want to deliver ads to specific anyone who enters a specific neighborhood, attended a specific concert, or even entered a specific building? Geofencing marketing can do that.

What is Geofencing Advertising?

Geofencing advertising offers businesses of all types and sizes many different marketing opportunities, from doing a 2 mile radius around a local restaurant, to geofencing competitors locations, tradeshows, to behavior targeting. Geofencing offers something for every business.

Geofencing Advertising Benefits

Target potential customers with personalized ads

Make sure your ads get in front of your target audience. Maximize your marketing budget by only advertising to people who match your ideal client!

Competition Fencing

Target your competition’s customers. The majority of people with smart devices have already consented to share their location. Competition fencing allows you to discover new customers and try to match what your competition is offering.

Historical Data

Target your audience based on historical location data. Target people who went to an event 3 months ago. Target everyone that went into a competitors store last year, or everyone that attended a Broncos game last season. Where people go reveals their interests, values, and passions.

Behavioral Targeting

Create advertisements and promotions that your audience is actively looking for. Behavioral targeting takes out the guess work and helps you develop your marketing strategy based on your customer’s common internet activity and purchasing behaviors.

Monthly Reporting

Comes with an optional monthly meeting, where iPoint explains the reporting to you.

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Geofencing Advertising

Frequently Asked Questions

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That is a great question! Do you want to advertise to specifically to people with an income range of 75K-125K, who have 3 children (two boys, one girl), and drive a 2012 Kia Sorrento? Because we can do that.

Yes, targeting your competitors is an effective strategy, especially when you use retargeting. Retargeting is a powerful boost to geofencing that shows your ads to potential clients multiple times after they have visited your competitors store. This way, if your potential clients don’t look at their phone while visiting your competitors stores, they will still see your deals and offers multiple times.

iPoint shares reports of performance metrics for all of our advertisement campaigns with our clients on a monthly basis. We also offer monthly meetings to sit down with you, and talk through the report, and answer any questions that you may have. Geofencing advertisements are no exception to this process.

Yes, we are proud to offer split testing for geofencing advertisements! We are always looking to make the most effective ads we can, so naturally, testing and comparing them helps us help you.

Rest assured, iPoint researches this for you! Of course, we are always open to suggestions if you have any, but our ears always low to the ground, listening for events, locations, and markets that could be relevant to your products or services. As part of our advertisement campaigns, we offer one hour of free consulting a month. This way, if your goals change, or you want to push a seasonal product, we can be way ahead of the curve!

Absolutely! We have clients who only offer seasonal services, and therefore only want to market during those times. We also have clients who find their ads to bring in too much traffic, too suddenly, and therefore need to have them turned off. Anytime we adjust your services, we may ask for that adjustment in writing.

In simple terms, a conversion is when someone does something that you’re trying to get them to do via marketing efforts. We understand this is vague, but many people consider different things to be conversions, depending on their goals. We suggest considering phone calls to be conversions, and filling forms out on your website to be conversions. If you have an e-commerce site, we recommend also considering sales online to be part what you calculate as conversions.

CTR (Click Through Rate) is a percentage of people who click an after after seeing it. If your CTR is 2.5%, that means that 2.5% of all people who saw your advertisement clicked on it.