Case Study

Dent Tech

About The Client

Dent Tech is a Fort Collins based paintless dent removal specialist. They work directly with your insurance company on your behalf and can cover your deductible up to $1,000. With 10+ years of experience with hail dent removal, Dent Tech specialists will preserve the value of your car with their services.

The Initial Challenge

Dent Tech had a goal of increasing their client numbers and increasing traffic to their website. By helping them optimize their online presence, we were able to help them break into the paint-free dent removal market in the Fort Collins area.

The Solution

iPoint created an SEO campaign to increase organic traffic to Dent Tech's website. iPoint then sought opportunities to promote Dent Tech through Google Ad Words campaigns - such as after hail storms swept through Northern Colorado. This secondary campaign would make Dent Tech one of the top search engine results for keywords such as "hail repair," "hail damage," and "Hail in Fort Collins." Then, iPoint designed and launched a Facebook Ad campaign with our key search terms, which directed potential clients to landing pages that highlighted the effectiveness of Dent Tech's work through before/after photos, and customer reviews. The landing page had a powerful and clear call to action that encouraged potential clients to become clients with a button that said "Book Now"

The Results

50% Higher Click-Through rate than Dent Tech’s competitors.

There was a 500% increase in organic traffic after only two months of SEO.

The Tools We Used

What the Client Had to Say

  • iPoint has been instrumental in boosting my online presence from helping me out with my SEO to creating and running social ads.  We are still in the beginning stages, but the difference is notable already!