Email Marketing

An effective and affordable way to advertise.

Generates $38 for every dollar spent on average.

An effective supplement to social media marketing.

of consumers have made a purchase based on email marketing.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a strategic campaign plan that is designed to build upon your relationship with your existing clients by offering them unique information, discounts, and opportunities with your company.

Email Marketing Plans Include

Lead Generation Strategy

We create plans to help increase your potential clients via subscriber lists by creating incentives in exchange for information.

Mailing List Management

We create ways to get new subscribers onto your mailing list, and we help keep it organized for you.

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Email Marketing

Frequently Asked Questions

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Truthfully, not every email you send to your clients will be opened, and that is a fact of life that we need to accept. However, we can help you increase the number of emails that are read by using information that is important to your clients.

Great question! Excessive emails are a nuisance and will often cause your clients to remove themselves from your emailing list. However, you obviously want to engage with your audience. We suggest 4 times a month, or about once a week.

This is the process of splitting your email list into more specific groups that you may want to market more specifically to. For example, you might want to split it into clients who make frequent purchases, and those who do not, or make segments based on the frequency that clients want to receive emails.

This varies a little depending on the size of your email list, but usually 10%-15% is great.

Definitely no. Email marketing is typically only effective when you are marketing to people who have already expressed some interest in your products and services. Any list that you can buy online is a list of random people who do not have an interest in your pocket. It is a waste of time, money, and marketing efforts.

We will help you craft emails that avoid spam filters. But, of course, there are obvious things to avoid – such as profanity, and sending emails that are all caps.

Nope! In fact, using both in conjunction is going to be the most effective.

In simple terms, a conversion is when someone does something that you’re trying to get them to do via marketing efforts. We understand this is vague, but many people consider different things to be conversions, depending on their goals. We suggest considering phone calls to be conversions, and filling forms out on your website to be conversions. If you have an e-commerce site, we recommend also considering sales online to be part what you calculate as conversions.

CTR (Click Through Rate) is a percentage of people who click an after after seeing it. If your CTR is 2.5%, that means that 2.5% of all people who saw your advertisement clicked on it.