LinkedIn Messaging Campaigns

Engage directly with your commercial clients by messaging them directly with a LinkedIn messaging campaign.

Million professionals are actively using LinkedIn.

of B2B marketers use LinkedIn as a Content Distribution Network.

Target Professional Audiences who share your interests.

Personalize your CTA to the user.

What is a LinkedIn Messaging Campaign?

A LinkedIn Messaging Campaign is the ideal solution for B2B marketing, especially for those who have highly specific genres of prospective clients.

We create a prospecting list of your target clients, often based on a combination of job titles and industries of professionals that may benefit from your products and services, and then we develop a series of 3-4 custom crafted drip messages to grab their attention. Once a target responds, your inside sales team can respond to the lead and provide a sample or a quote. This campaign allows laser-focused specificity that is best applied in a B2B model.

The LinkedIn Messaging Campaign Includes

Monthly Prospects and Messages

250 Prospects per month, and thousands of messages monthly.

Campaign strategy meeting

We come together to discuss your campaign plan by establishing clear goals, defining target audiences, outlining tactics, and allocating resources.

Custom outreach messages

With an understanding of the recipient based on their profile, we create concise, personalized messages sent to your targeted audience that is tailored to address their pain points and offer a valuable solution.

Custom prospect list crafted

We create a list of the people your campaign will be reaching, based upon titles and industries that match your ideal client market.

A/B Testing with messaging

We go the extra mile to assess what works, and what doesn’t. It is an ongoing process that allows us to create the most effective ads we possibly can.

Monthly reporting and consulting

Which comes with an optional monthly meeting where iPoint will go through the reports with you.

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LinkedIn Messaging Campaigns

Frequently Asked Questions

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We don’t really like to think of advertising methods as an either/or type of choice because our most successful clients use a combination of multiple advertising methods. However, LinkedIn messaging campaigns are ideal for businesses who are trying to attract very specific people, such as businesses who only market their products to veterinarians, or businesses trying to sell services to other businesses of a specific type.

There are multiple different approaches to LinkedIn Messaging Campaigns, so we start by determining which is best for you, and the products/services that you offer. From there, we develop a plan that usually involves a stream of messaging, not just one informative message.

LinkedIn message ads have an open rate of 38%, where as email marketing has an average open rate of 21.5%

In general, LinkedIn is the ideal platform for those marketing to businesses. Messaging campaigns are a great tool in B2B marketing to generate leads.

Absolutely, it will! This is why we often suggest adding LinkedIn Messaging Campaigns as part of a Social Media Strategy, and include it part of Social Media Ads. When you have a messaging campaign running, it is also a great time to re-evaluate your posting content to ensure your posts are engaging.

CTR (Click Through Rate) is a percentage of people who click an after after seeing it. If your CTR is 2.5%, that means that 2.5% of all people who saw your advertisement clicked on it.