Email Marketing


Are you thinking this makes sense, but you don’t have the time or experience to run successful email campaigns? Don’t worry, iPoint can help you develop your email marketing strategy and even run your email marketing campaigns for you.

Good email marketing isn’t just about you – it’s about your customer. Email should be used to build upon your existing relationship with your subscribers and leads by providing relevant and valuable information that helps them get closer to their goals. If used right, email marketing can be both a relationship-building and a profit-building tool.


A monthly newsletter is a great way to keep regular communication between you and your customers and prospects. Newsletters are not sales pieces, but rather something that keeps them informed and adds value. Keep them in the loop with product and service updates, educate and even entertain them. Keep your business on the top of your customer’s mind, build loyalty, and your email list will grow.

What if you could send your message to a very specific group, and get a detailed report about how they interacted with your email? Imagine sending a grand opening announcement about your new Jacuzzi storefront to Fort Collins and Denver homeowners with a quarter acre lot, and median household income of $90,000 or more. Then, imagine getting a report that detailed open rate, click rate, and exactly where your audience was clicking on the page.

Targeted email marketing gives you the ability to target small or large lists with broad or very specific descriptions. The campaign reports give you invaluable information about how your audience is responding enabling us to test and refine, and ultimately generate more conversions.

Email Marketing Works

Many business owners think email marketing won’t work. They assume people will not open the emails. The numbers tell a different story. Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to keep your customers engaged and provides endless opportunities to sell your services or products.

Email generates $38 for every dollar spent – a 3,800% return on investment
Two-thirds of consumers have made a purchase based on an email marketing message
Email is a highly effective supplement to your social media, display ads, and other marketing campaigns.
You’re too busy working on your business to build a face to face personal relationship with each of your prospects and customers. Email marketing does this for you.

Why Use Email Marketing?
Effective email marketing does several things for your business.

Brand Awareness

Keep your business and solutions in your customers’ minds. When they’re ready to take action, they’ll think of you.

Build Relationships

When you add value through education, tips, and personality, you build trust with your customers.

Lead Generation

A great way to offer value in exchange for subscriber information.

Lead Generation

A great way to offer value in exchange for subscriber information.

Analyze and Refine

One of the things that makes email marketing so successful is its ability to be tracked and analyzed. Split testing allows you to send two different emails to your list and easily find out which one is getting more clicks. This gives you the ability to continually refine for maximum engagement.

Direct Sales

From time to time, you will ask your subscribers directly to take action. If the time is right and you’ve provided them with value, they will.