Case Study

Northern Colorado Carpets

About The Client

A Colorado family owned, veteran operated, Fort Collins flooring company since 1976. Northern Colorado Carpets has been serving the Fort Collins and surrounding areas' flooring and carpet market since 1976. Their team consists of dedicated design, installation and management experts.

The Initial Challenge

Northern Colorado Carpets came to iPoint seeking assistance with managing their presence in the digital world. They were not confident people were finding their business on Google, and wanted to ensure that they were staying relevant in their competitive market. They knew it was important to stay active on social media, but they didn't have the bandwidth to manage it internally. They also wanted to increase the number of customers they were getting and expand to a wider audience.

The Solution

Because of the wide array of needs Northern Colorado Carpets had, we connected them with a suite of services: Social Media Management, SEO to ensure search engine visibility, and both Social Media Ads and Display Ads. Northern Colorado Carpets was happy with the results, so they expanded their services to also include blogging!

The Results

Northern Colorado Carpet’s organic traffic increased by 97% and the total number of users who find their site organically has improved 53%.

Since beginning their work with iPoint, Northern Colorado Carpets total page views has increased 88%.

The Tools We Used

What the Client Had to Say

  • You guys are always taking great care of my company and I really appreciate it.  We've grown a ton since I've started with iPoint and it's apparent that our SEO and everything else has played a big part.