Blog Management and Newsletter Marketing

Keep existing clients engaged with exciting content!

of internet users read blogs.

Creates Opportunities to Rank for More Keywords.

A long-game play in creating conversions.

What is Blog Management and Newsletter Marketing?

With our newsletter and blog posting package, we will write and publish two blog posts a month (up to 500 words each) to your website. Blog posts can be topics chosen by you, or we can choose popular/relevant topics to write about and send to you for approval. These blog posts will incorporate relevant keywords and be uploaded to your website by our team. The blog posts will then be optimized for SEO purposes with Meta Tags, Title Descriptions, H1-H3 headers, and body content.

Additionally, this package includes a fully designed newsletter that can incorporate: the latest news from the practice, events, and blog posts all linking back to your website. We use sending software called, WordPoet and PostMark to ensure deliverability and integration to your WordPress website. Emails will be sent to a provided contact list from the client once a month. We will monitor open rates, click rates, and overall interaction from the email to the website

Blog Management and Newsletter Marketing Plans Include

Blog Topics Approved by You

When we begin our blog relationship, we will come up with a list of topics to use that are based on related search terms, points of interest, and opportunities to increase your business’s credibility. All topics are sent to you for approval, and you are welcome to reject any topics that you don’t want on your site.

Newsletter Intake Form

We will build a form to gather email addresses to incorporate on several pages of the site. Additional list-building campaigns can be purchased and scheduled a-la-carte.

GDPR Compliant Templates for Newsletter

Newsletter, Sign-up Confirmation, Welcome email, Unsubscribe Email

Revisions and Edits

Many clients want to control what information is posted on their website – which we entirely understand! This is why we share all blogs posts with you ahead of time and give you time to make edits and revisions before the post goes live.

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Blog Management and Newsletter Marketing

Frequently Asked Questions

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We don’t have a strict limit, but we try to make each post at least 600 words so that at minimum they are short, sweet, and to the point. However, if a specific topic warrants more explanation, we gladly write something much longer.

iPoint researches keywords relevant to your products and services, and builds a list of recommended topics from this. The topics are chosen based on your likelihood for ranking for that topic, and how frequently that topic is searched.

Then, we email you the list so you can review it. At this point, you are welcome to reject any topics that you don’t want on your blog. We then make a scheduling plan.

Absolutely! If your company had an event, a special promotion, or a new product, we would love to write about it! This helps us make content relevant to your products/services, and to your business in general.

When it comes to client-suggested topics, it is best that we have notice ahead of time because we usually write the posts in advance. However, if there is something that you need written/posted ASAP, we will do our best to get it up ASAP.

Yes, in fact, we encourage it! We want you to be happy with the content you’re paying for. When we finish a blog post, which is usually about two months before it is scheduled to go live, we put it in a cloud folder that we share with you so you can review it and make feedback before it posts.

We generally ask that clients provide us with feedback two weeks before the blog is posted, that way we have time to make the requested revisions.

We will send you approximately 30 topics at a time. We send this many to you assuming that some topics may be rejected. This way, we have plenty of ideas to write about/work with.

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is regulation from the European Union regarding how marketing information can be collected and shared.

When you go to a website, and you get a popup about accepting all cookies, or only the required ones? That is a GDPR requirement. If you have ever joined a newsletter mailing list, and been required to verify your subscription, this is also a GDPR requirement. GDPR non-compliance can have hefty fines (such as 20 million euros, or 4% of your revenue), even for those outside the EU.