Continuous Care Plan

The perfect solution for growing businesses who want to regularly make website changes and superior optimization and security.

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What is the Continuous Care Plan?

This is our all-encompassing maintenance plan that helps your website function at it’s best, saving you time and money.


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What the Continuous Care Plan Includes

A Quarterly Allowance for Content Changes

Let a professional handle all the changes you want to make on your website. We can efficiently swap out photos, add pages, write content, and refresh your website within the allotted development time that’s included in the Continuous Care Plan. This is perhaps one of the most appealing features for growing businesses.

Priority Support

All other support requests are addressed on a first-come, first-serve basis. Continuous Care Clients don’t need to wait in line, this is the TSA pre-check for website support. All Continuous Care Plan support requests are guaranteed to be resolved within two business days.

Automatic Plugin Updates with Secure Roll-backs

When plugins aren’t updated routinely, your website may not last as long in terms of functionality, and it becomes exposed to new security threats. When you sign up for the Continuous Care Plan, the plugin management is handled for you!

Global Edge Security

If a well-maintained website on our superior wordpress hosting is a castle with a moat/drawbridge, then a website that uses our Security Booster is a castle with a moat/drawbridge, high walls equipped with guard towers, and a fire-breathing dragon.

More accurately, our Security Booster offers a Managed Web Application Firewall that deflects bots, and malicious script injections, as well as mitigates DDOS attacks.

Website Cleanup and Optimization

On a quarterly basis, we remove any media files, plugins, themes, posts, and pages that are not in use. Then, we run an optimization software that helps your images load faster, which in turn improves your website performance, and increases your website conversions.

Content and Performance Audits

You know what they say – Content is King. With our Continuous Care Plan, we make sure your King isn’t misspelled, broken, or confusing to industry outsiders.


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Continuous Care Plan

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • SSL encryption included
  • DNS management at no extra cost
  • Partnerships for domain purchases at wholesale rates
  • Daily and unlimited backups on demand
  • Core WordPress and PHP updates included
  • Staging and development sites available upon request
  • Improved site speed due to powerful servers with limited site sharing

No, they do not.