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What is Website Hosting?

If you think of a domain name like your home address, then hosting is your actual house and all the furniture inside it. A website needs to be hosted on a server so it is visible on the internet where users can see all the pictures and text and files that makeup the actual content of your website. Whether we built your website or not, we would love to host your website! All of our hosting plans include data encryption (SSL), image and file speed optimization tools, daily and unlimited on-demand backups, and advanced security practices. Base plan starts at $40.00 per month.

Web Hosting Optional Add-Ons

Smart Plugin Manager

The gold standard of wordpress plugin management – automatic updates for your plugins with page screening and rollbacks – just in case an update changes the layout of your website. Keeping your plugins updated is paramount to ensure website functioning, supporting website longevity, and security compliance. $15.00 per month.

Global Edge Security

Take your website security to the next level! Our security booster offers boosted web performance with a global CDN, continuous DDOS protection, and managed web application firewalls. $15.00 per month.

Continuous Care Plan

A plan designed to simplify the process of ongoing maintenance, optimization, and updates. Includes priority support, Smart Plugin Manager, Global Edge Security, site performance optimization, database cleanups and optimization, admin area cleanup, and prepaid hours of development time. Click here to learn more.

ADA Compliance Partnership

The Americans with Disabilities Act (1990) also has requirements for websites to be compatible with reading assistance software for the visually impaired. Noncompliance with ADA regulations on the web has the same consequence as other noncompliance requirements, such as not having wheelchair ramps. Our convenient solution is to install a software that enforces all of the compliance regulations using AI. When you sign up for our ADA Compliance Partnership, you will receive monthly reports and audits that verify your website is compliant with legal standards. If the audits find that anything is non-compliant about your website, we will troubleshoot it for you at no additional cost. This software is $400 per year.

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Website Hosting and Maintenance

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • SSL encryption included
  • DNS management at no extra cost
  • Partnerships for domain purchases at wholesale rates
  • Daily and unlimited backups on demand
  • Core WordPress and PHP updates included
  • Staging and development sites available upon request
  • Improved site speed due to powerful servers with limited site sharing

No, they do not.