Case Study


About The Client

AvenueWest is praised as one of the fastest growing companies in the united states, and as one of the top women-led businesses in Colorado. With over 16 franchise locations across the U.S. and Canada, AvenueWest proudly offers top-tier corporate housing and property management services to industry leaders, c-suite executives, and other excellent professionals. Their month-to-month plans allow businesses to reduce their travel costs while increasing the comfort of their traveling employees. Now, select franchise locations also of real estate, and real estate concierge services!

The Initial Challenge

Before working with iPoint, AvenueWest had an outdated website that was on the verge of breaking! It had an outdated design, it was difficult to use, it loaded slowly, and it was not responsive to mobile visitors. In addition, their previous website was not scalable to that or a growing corporation!

The Solution

We worked closely with Avenuewest and their franchise owners to offer them web development services that were customized to the niche world of Furnished Corporate Housing Services. Our website redesign intentionally addressed each of their concerns and created solutions - we created a user-friendly experience to simplify the conversion process, we created a beautiful new design that matched their branding goals, we made a website that was responsive and efficient for mobile users, and we created a system so that new franchise locations could be conveniently added, thus making the site scalable for a growing corporation. After we redesigned the website, Avenuewest was able to see a major improvement of active users on their website, as well as an increase in conversions. To this day, both our Web and Digital Marketing departments work closely with AvenueWest’s franchise owners, nationally and internationally, to provide support and marketing services that exceed industry standards. As AvenueWest's business has grown over the years, we have helped them upgrade their hosting to a private, dedicated server that allows their website to perform optimally.

The Results

The rebuilding of their website alone increased their number of new users by 163%.

The Tools We Used

What the Client Had to Say

  • iPoint helped us craft a website that we feel showcases our brand, while delivering information to our prospective clients in an easy to access manner. Paired with carefully honed PPC and digital campaign marketing, we finally have confidence in a company that is helping drive qualified prospective customers to our website and a website that actively helps us bring prospective clients through the sales process. iPoint is a great partner for us!