Case Study

Vintage Marketplace

About The Client

Vintage Marketplace is a diverse collection of all things vintage, antique, handmade, art, collectibles, and everything in between. Located in the heart of Antique Alley in Fort Collins, Colorado, WM is Northern Colorado’s hot spot for all things unique, shabby-chique, and collectible.

The Initial Challenge

Our client, a prominent vintage marketplace, approached us with a unique challenge. Over the years, their website had encountered technical difficulties stemming from plugin issues that had not been regularly maintained. The gradual accumulation of these issues led to a point where the website became nonfunctional. Recognizing the complexity of maintaining a dynamic online platform, our client sought our expertise to address and resolve the underlying technical issues. We understood the inevitability of such challenges in the evolving digital landscape and were committed to collaboratively restoring their website to optimal functionality.

The Solution

To address the challenges faced by our client, Vintage Marketplace, we embarked on a comprehensive solution. Leveraging our expertise, we meticulously designed and developed a new website that not only restored full functionality but also revitalized their online presence. Carefully preserving the brand's vintage and eclectic essence, our team crafted a user-friendly interface that enhances the overall user experience. The new site seamlessly integrates modern functionality with the unique charm of vintage aesthetics, effectively showcasing the client's success in a visually compelling manner. Our commitment to delivering a solution that aligns with their brand identity ensures that the revamped website not only meets but exceeds the expectations of our client and their audience.

The Results

The new site is very easy to maintain and add new photos to.

Vintage Marketplace has already gotten new inquires for potential vendors.

The Tools We Used

What the Client Had to Say

  • Our old site was very dated and needed a refresh. I am very happy with our new site! I love the new site and how it represents who Vintage Marketplace is. Sarah was great to work with, and we've already gotten new inquiries for potential vendors!