Review Building & Reputation Management

Don't let one bad review hold your business back and get you down- show clients you care.

of consumers read reviews before making a purchase.

of consumers are influenced by how businesses respond to online reviews.

of shoppers trust products more when reviews have user-generated content such as photos and videos.

The number of positive reviews it takes to offset the impact of 1 negative review.

What is Review Building & Reputation Management?

When people search for a business in their area, they’re likely to compare things such as how high your website ranks when they search Google, your reviews and testimonials, and more. Our software allows you to interact with all platforms where reviews are left, simplifying the response process and allowing you to more effectively manage your reputation.

The Review Building & Reputation Management Plan

Reputation Management

Your relationship with your clients is conveniently placed back in your hands.

Voice Search Optimization

Your responses to clients are optimized with natural-sounding language to be compatible with voice assistants, such as Siri or Google Assistant.

Local Listings Clean-Up

Auditing, verifying, and correcting inconsistencies or errors in your online listings across all platforms.

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Review Building & Reputation Management

Frequently Asked Questions

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When it comes to managing displeased customers, we want to put the customer service decisions in your hands, as you will be much more equipped to create a solution that is appropriate for your business, and your clients grievance. We will train you how to use this software and efficiently and effectively as possible, which includes writing some responses with you to help you get the hang of it, then set you free to do what you do best!

The more frequently, the better. Many clients expect a response within a day.

The FTC bans incentivizing reviews in specific ways and with specific parameters. The important thing to know is that all reviews but be incentivized equally, meaning you cannot offer certain rewards only for good reviews.

However, there are still plenty of legal and ethical ways to encourage clients to leave reviews! To find out the best way to get more reviews for your company, we recommend reaching out for a consultation.

If you don’t have time, we recommend delegating this responsibility to one of your employees. You would be surprised at how many employees are excited to take a break from the showroom floor to type online.

If you can get to 5 stars, that is amazing! However, diversity in your ratings tends to be more trusted than 100% five star reviews. Having *some* negative reviews enhances conversion rates, especially if they offer more information about your products/services.