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Boost your online presence with iPoint's team of Fort Collins web designers.

of users create their first impression of a company based on web design alone.

of web visitors stop engaging with a website if it is unattractive.

of people cited that a website’s design is the No. 1 factor in determining a business’s credibility.

of visitors using smartphones will leave a website if it is not mobile-friendly or responsive.

What is Website Design?

We design a beautiful new-look for your website that brings your brand to life, and drives customers to convert. All our websites are designed to be compatible with different screen sizes and different browsers, and with your brand and goals in mind. Our websites allow you to create an online presence that matches your branding’s identity, class, and professionalism.

Web Design Plans Include:

Design Consultations

A series of surveys and discussions to help us understand your vision for the website


Many business owners struggle to describe their business concisely, even though they are experts in their industry. Our copywriting bridges the gap between your expertise and the common consumer, while optimizing your website for search engine ranking.

Redesigning for Existing Websites

We love helping established businesses renovate their online appearance, whether they just want a refresh, or a complete makeover!

Updates to Existing Sites

A great option for those who might want to add new features, pages or content, but don’t want to completely renovate their site. Read more about this here!

Common Types of Websites That We Build

Brochure Websites

Brochure websites are one of the most popular types of website there are, and an excellent choice for small businesses! Brochure websites are multi-page websites that help provide information about your business to the world, so your potential clients can learn what your products and services can do for them!  Brochure Websites typically include 3-10 pages, and the option for a blog.

Prices start at $1,699 for a simple 3-page starter site.

E-Commerce Websites

E-commerce websites allow entrepreneurs to be unlimited by allowing allow them to sell their products and services to anyone, anywhere! E-commerce websites are usually 5-15 pages, include an option for a blog, and have plenty of options to optimizing advertisements and boosting sales.

Real Estate & Property Management

iPoint has an elite partnership with software used for property management and real estate services!

For those in the real estate industry, you can directly link your MLS provider(s) to the software, and listings are automatically updated for you, reducing your work. Our partnership also comes with an optional addons for manage your CRM on the backside of your website, saving you time, energy and money.  

Property management clients can update pocket listings within the login portal of the website we create for them, and save unused listings for later, simplifying inventory management.

Restaurant Websites

At iPoint,  we love helping local restaurants thrive by offering a website solution so good, you can almost taste it (but don’t worry – we will leave the actual tasting to your customers). We offer integrations that allow your clients to order online, order delivery, and make reservations right from your website. By having iPoint rebuild your site, you can make life easier for your crew. 

Landing Pages

Landing Pages

Landing pages are like a single page website that creates a linking plan for online advertisements, and has content written for a specific product or service that is being advertised. Landing pages also help new businesses start creating conversions and build their online presence, and are therefore a great option for businesses who might not be ready to commit to a fully functional, fully optimized website.

Prices start at $699. Click here to learn more!

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Web Design

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • SSL encryption included
  • DNS management at no extra cost
  • Partnerships for domain purchases at wholesale rates
  • Daily and unlimited backups on demand
  • Core WordPress and PHP updates included
  • Staging and development sites available upon request
  • Improved site speed due to powerful servers with limited site sharing

Unlike many of our competitors, our websites are search engine optimized during the building process. This makes it way easier for potential clients to find your website, even before you invest in any online marketing services. Of course, any digital marketer will tell you that a good SEO ranking will require ongoing work, but we like giving our clients a head start.

We also offer extremely fast DNS management! Many DNS providers offer a turnaround time of 48 hours, but ours is about 20 minutes max.

Our websites offer next level customization and a personalized design experience!

Many web-design firms have cookie cutter templates for websites: they swap out another business’s branding for yours, exchange a few photos, call it good enough, and leave you with a website that looks just like everyone else’s, including your competitors!

When you hire iPoint to design your website, you get two initial design concepts before committing to a specific look and feel. From there, you can pick one, or pick elements that you like from both, and we create the rest from there. Every website also comes with one free round of revisions, so if you’re still not impressed for any reason, we work with you to make that happen.

This truly depends on the size and complexity of the website, your website’s content-writing needs, as well as your cooperation on content, feedback, and approvals for design concepts.

A highly responsive client, who hires us to build a simple website that is 5-10 pages can expect a turnaround time of as little as two-three weeks. When it comes to projects with clients who are busy and unable to respond quickly to emails, and meet for approvals, and projects that are large/complicated, it may take as long as twelve to sixteen weeks.

Yes, we can! To determine this, we will need to discuss the goals of your website, and what it will be used for. Regardless, we suggest that every website has at least the following pages:

  1. Homepage
  2. About Us
  3. Services
  4. Contact Us

No, but we have an excellent partnership that allows our clients to buy domain names at wholesale rates, which is often much cheaper than what most domain resellers offer.

No worries, we can help with all of that, including designing a logo! This may require us to need one or two additional meetings with you before we start the design process, just so we can iron out the details of your business, the services you provide, etc.

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