Case Study

Rocky Mountain Adventures

About The Client

Rocky Mountain Adventures is your go-to destination for adrenaline-packed outdoor experiences in the heart of the Rockies. As a local company specializing in guided white water rafting tours, they offer thrilling adventures down some of Colorado's most exhilarating rivers. Whether you're a seasoned rafter or a novice looking for an unforgettable experience, their expert guides ensure a safe and exciting journey for all. In addition to their guided tours, Rocky Mountain Adventures also provides a range of services to support your own water adventure endeavors. They offer rentals and sales of top-quality water rafting and kayaking supplies, ensuring you have the gear you need for your own explorations. Plus, their classes provide valuable instruction for those looking to improve their skills or learn new techniques, taught by knowledgeable and experienced instructors.

The Initial Challenge

Before iPoint's intervention, Rocky Mountain Adventures (RMA) faced challenges with an outdated website that didn't effectively showcase the full extent of their services or facilitate easy trip booking. The website lacked a streamlined conversion process, making it cumbersome for visitors to plan and book their adventures efficiently. RMA recognized the need for a website overhaul to better highlight their range of offerings and improve user experience. Partnering with iPoint, they embarked on a transformation journey to create a modern, user-friendly website. The new site now features intuitive navigation, comprehensive service information, and seamless trip booking capabilities, ensuring that RMA's outdoor adventures are easily accessible to all enthusiasts.

The Solution

iPoint collaborated closely with Rocky Mountain Adventures (RMA) to bring their branding vision to life through a website redesign that aligns seamlessly with their identity and values. By incorporating RMA's branding guidelines and vision into the design process, iPoint ensured that every element of the website reflects the adventurous spirit and professionalism of the company. Additionally, iPoint worked in conjunction with RMA's third-party booking system to implement custom widgets and code. These enhancements simplified and streamlined the booking process, making it easier than ever for customers to plan and reserve their outdoor excursions with RMA. Through this collaborative effort, iPoint and RMA have created a website that not only showcases the beauty of Colorado's wilderness but also provides a user-friendly platform for adventurers to embark on their next journey.

The Results

It is super easy to book tours on the website.

The website has a beautiful, new design

The Tools We Used

What the Client Had to Say

  • [iPoint] built me a state of the art new site. We are very satisfied. Sarah Z. has been one of the best service providers I have come in contact with in my 20+ years in business. She knows how to do her job, knows how to speak with and work with customers, knows how to manage projects, and if she doesn't know the answer she tells you and then goes and finds it.