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Remote Backup disaster Recovery

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Paul owned a small legal firm in Northern Colorado. Naturally, his firm handled a lot of private information about his clients, including lots of information that could make or break specific cases. One night, a local wildfire began to rage through the mountains, and all of Paul’s staff had to evacuate, leaving their homes, and the office (which is where the computers full of client data were stored) behind. Paul’s team had to continue their work remotely, and everyone was nervous about what would happen if the office burnt down. Well, everyone except Paul was nervous. Paul was smart and had planned ahead- he had purchased a remote backup disaster recovery plan with iPoint Technologies!  

What is Remote Backup Disaster Recovery?

Remote backup disaster recovery includes a few different moving pieces. The first is remote backups – this essentially means a company that provides networking services, such as iPoint Technologies, routinely makes copies of your company’s most significant data, and then stores those copies on a server that is located somewhere far away from your office. That way, if a disaster occurs – such as a wildfire, or one of your employees clicks on a suspicious link that downloads a ton of ransomware onto your servers, and suddenly you cannot access any business information unless you pay a huge ransom to strangers over the internet – your company’s information is safe and can be recovered! (Take that, fraudsters!)

Lots of technology companies offer some version of Remote Backup Disaster Recovery. iPoint’s version of remote backup disaster recovery is called Remote Backups, for simplicity’s sake because remote backup disaster recovery is a mouthful. Of course, we would love it if everyone purchased our version of this product, but more importantly, we want to emphasize how important it is for every business to have some version of Remote Backup Disaster Recovery software.  

Why do I need a Remote Backup Disaster Recovery Plan?

In general, it is good to be prepared for disasters before they happen, it is the art of expecting the unexpected. In Northern Colorado, we are pretty lucky to have relatively few natural disasters, but as society becomes increasingly reliant on technology, the threat of cybercrime grows exponentially every year. Don’t take our word for it, here are some statistics about it that we find a bit worrying:

This is simply the tip of the iceberg. If you want read more spooky statistic about cybercrime, Comparitech has a great article. The FBI also has a great page that covers some of the basic information that one might want to know about cybersecurity, and cyber news. In truth, there are endless statistics that you can google.

This is why we simply cannot overstate the significance of a Remote Backup Disaster Recovery Plan! There have been many of small businesses who never recover after a cybercrime incident, and at iPoint, we have personally witnessed business who have been saved because of Remote Backup Disaster Recovery Plans and other mitigation and prevention tools. We believe every business should have some plan in place.

Besides Remote Backup Disaster Recovery, what else can I do to protect my business?

There is a lot that can be done, too much to mention in one blog post, which is why this post is part of a series where we will discuss the importance of protecting your business, and actionable steps you can take to protect yourself. To see other posts in this series, click here.

To start, though, iPoint offers a few services that might interest you:

  • Risk Assessment Network Security – this is a process where iPoint takes a deep dive into your current network, and then we identify any points of vulnerability, and make recommendations for actionable steps.
  • Network Monitoring – this service uses technology to continuously scan your network for anything that can go wrong, including but not limited to viruses, network breaches, backup failures and more.

Cybercrime is an unfortunate reality of the world that we currently live in, and mitigation and prevention is extremely important. If you have any questions regarding the security of your network, we strongly encourage you to book a free consultation (LINK POPUP) with us. At iPoint technologies, we always look forward to helping you keep your network safe. Stay tuned for more posts about network security by joining our newsletter in the footer of our website!