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Why Choose LinkedIn Messaging for your Next Ad Campaign

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by | Sep 9, 2021 | Digital Marketing

Linkedin Campaigns can be helpful to your business in many different ways.   Linkedin has over 77 million business professionals from all parts of the country.  Connecting with possible leads from Linkedin can help get your company set up with potential clients quickly and efficiently.

Linkedin Messaging campaigns work by contacting possible leads via direct messaging through Linkedin messenger.  These messages will help you create sales leads directly to the gate keepers of the company, instead of having to work your way up the ladder.  You can link a direct landing page to your campaign so prospects will be sent directly to a form to fill out.  You can also add calls to action in each message and customize what each message says and how many to send.

Linkedin messaging campaigns are super beneficial to connecting with clients your business needs to sell its services to. They also have higher open rates on average than email or direct messaging campaigns via other social media networks.  

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