Product Photography

Showcase your products in a visually appealing way to draw in customers, and make them want your products more.

Visual content is 40% more likely to be shared on your social media accounts.

of online shoppers rely on product photos when deciding on a potential purchase.


are significantly more likely to think favorably of ads that emphasize photography over text.

of shoppers consider a product image as a key element of the online shopping experience.

What is Product Photography?

It’s exactly what it sounds like – professional photos of products and services, which are typically used on company websites for displaying their products in a beautiful way, and it advertisements used online.

The Product Photography Plan

Product Photography as Part of an E-Commerce Website Design

When creating a new e-commerce store (LINK), it’s important to show clients how attractive your products look. Beautiful photos can enhance your customers shopping experience!

For Advertisement Use

Attract customers to your site by showcasing your products in a visually pleasing way!

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Product Photography

Frequently Asked Questions

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That truly depends on how much there is to show about the product!

If it is something simple, such as a bottle of medication or a decorative sign, then you will likely only need 1–3 shots. If the product is something a bit more elaborate, such as a multi-tool with many tools to showcase, or something with a special feature, you will want enough photos to display those features.

For the most part, yes! We have many clients who sell services instead of products and need to showcase their work. This includes contractors who want to showcase something they recently remodeled, artists and bronze casters, and more!

No, we don’t have models readily available. When we take photos for your company, we use the photography to display your product, and we try to avoid distractions from that product. However, if you believe that using a model in your product photography is helpful for your products, we will be able to privately contract some on an as-needed basis.

At this time, no. Real estate photography requires specially wide lenses and a tools for lighting.