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Let Me Introduce You to AirPoint

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by | Jul 9, 2018 | News & Insights

You know about iPoint, but have you heard of our sister company AirPoint? AirPoint holds all our drones services because we knew there was so much to offer, we just had to branch off our business. From thermal imaging to aerial photographer, we can cover all your drone needs to launch your business into new heights. We know this can be a lot to take in, so we wrote up this blog so you can wrap your hands around all our services and how they can help you!

Commercial Services: These services include aerial photography, aerial videography, and even live streaming events. This is your one stop shop when it comes to taking photos of your entire business landscape or getting a new perspective of your land. If your business is hosting a 5k run/walk event, or something else, we can also live stream the vent so more people can learn and really understand what the event is about! We’ve helped residential areas with their photography, as well as other businesses like Fort Fun to show off all they have to offer.

Data & Imaging Services:

3D and GPS Mapping: It’s that simple. We map out the flight and launch the drone. As the drone flies via GPS, it captures aerial imagery. Imagery is processed to create collaborative 3D & GPS Mapping. When collection’s that simple, you can focus your energy on analyzing the data rather than figuring out how to gather it. You save time while collecting millions of data points in one short flight. AirPoint uses the top drone GPS mapping software program in the industry to provide high-resolution aerial 3D & GPS Mapping Services that are invaluable to facility managers, engineers, contractors, farmers and developers who need to make informed and targeted decisions regarding site analysis, infrastructure, volume calculations, agricultural yields, surveys, situational changes and more.

Volumetric Surveying: Whether you’re checking to see if you have enough material to cover a particular area, or providing a financial report of your inventory, accurate, efficient and safer volumetric measurement makes all the difference. Significantly less expensive than traditional measurement and survey methods, aerial drone surveying gives you results in hours instead of days, rendering highly accurate 3D models from 25 – 400 feet aloft. Businesses large and small in industries across the board are boosting productivity, automating reporting and saving time with professional drone services. Modern unmanned aircraft are superior when comparing the time and expense of traditional ground-based volumetrics.

Thermal Inspections: Preventive maintenance can help save millions of dollars for companies before equipment or structures fail. Our thermal camera provides inspections in a variety of industries. This FLIR camera can be mounted on either of our drones. And the air-to-ground thermography results are amazing. In contrast, FLIR cameras see every nut and bolt in areas impossible to reach before – every leak (even those invisible to the naked eye) with no downtime, quicker turnaround and no risk to employees. You’ll not only save time, you’ll save money. You can perform multiple drone inspections at multiple sites per day that are easy to interpret and apply.

We love our drones here at iPoint. If you ever have any questions about our services or how it can help your business, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help!