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by | Nov 13, 2018 | Digital Marketing, Web Design

Whenever you are learning about how to engage customer, turn leads into clients, and get a bigger brand recognition, a common piece of advice is to put out new content. Whether it is posting on social media or keeping a blog post, content is king. We get it, writing isn’t always everyone’s strongest skill and sometimes that is only half the challenge. There have been times where we cannot even come up with what to write about. That’s why we decided to come up with a blog post that gives you some tips and ideas on how to always be coming up with fresh content. Maybe you’ll even be able to tell what tips our favorite ones are to follow.

  1. Educational Content: We know you have some industry geniuses working for you. Tap into their knowledge and create some pieces with some tips or tricks that readers might be interested in. This idea is extra special because you can use those postings to boost your SEO efforts because the information probably has to do with your service. Readers also always love learning new things.
  2. Guest Posts: posting on social media outlets or on blogs is a great way to partner with other businesses and share your knowledge. This can give your business a cool and new edge by giving readers new information that they might not find anywhere else. You and the partnered business can reach new readers and maybe make a couple leads that way. What’s even easier about this, is that you can use an old post that’s done well for you in the past. There will be new viewers, so no one would know that it was old. This way you and your partner both get new content with little effort.
  3. Case Studies: Here’s a chance for you and your business to showcase your best work. Turn it into a case study. People will love to read about the choices you made and why you made them. This way your work gets shown off a little bit and it’s easy to write about something you’re passionate or proud of. You might already even have this information stored on your website or somewhere on your server—again, making content creation easy for posting this week!
  4. Behind the Scene Looks: Here’s where you can show your viewers what happens in your office on the daily. Maybe it’s just posting the killer music playlist you all listen to. Showing pictures of your weekly team summer BBQ (hmm, that sounds familiar), or even showing off team members can create a stronger relationship between your brand and your clients. People feel closer to you if they know what is going on in the daily life of your office. This also gives the opportunity for other team members to take part in content creation by writing posts about themselves. It’s exciting to get everyone involved.
  5. Cat Pictures (yeah…we’re serious): Here’s an idea that can bring some joy to everyone even on the worst Mondays. These posts can be memes, pictures of your employee’s pets, or just silly videos. They make people smile and they help break up the content heavy content you are pushing out. Also, who doesn’t love a good cat picture?

We hope these content ideas help you out the next time you are finding yourself struggling to come up with sometime to post about. Are you still looking for more ideas? Check out this link here that has over 50 ideas of content you can post about! As always, you can always reach out to us if you have questions or are in need of some digital marketing content creation help.