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5 Office Outing Ideas

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by | Oct 16, 2018 | News & Insights

Fall is one of those seasons that everyone is excited about for the first week or so, but then find themselves already being sick of the cooler weather quickly. You might be noticing that in your office, people are losing a lot of motivation, they seem stressed, or they just look like they need a break. Looks like it is time to plan an office outing. Office events are a great time for those working in your company to get together, bond, release some stress, and hopefully become more motivated. Now, we get it. Planning these events can be stressful because not everyone agrees on what is fun. We came up with a list of 5 things your office can do to take that extra stress away from you! 5 ideas aren’t enough? We have an article from HubSpot with 22 more ideas for you and your office!

  1. Cook off– well, who doesn’t like food? This is a great way to make those in your office who don’t often work together be on a team. You get to know different people a little better and make something (hopefully) delicious! You can get creative and give an ingredient that they MUST use, like marshmallows or maple syrup, or you can make them create something within a food group (like make a type of ice cream! This idea is sure to keep everyone full of laughter and food!
  2. Karaoke night– Can’t imagine your office neighbor singing “it’s raining men”? Well maybe you don’t need to imagine, you can just watch! Karaoke bring people out of their shells and it’s a great way for people to get to know others in the office in new ways. You can give bonus points for best acts, funniest performances, best or worst singers and more.
  3. Escape Rooms– Have you heard about the new sensation yet? These rooms are used for office outings all the time, and there’s a big reason why-people love them! Spend some time trapped in a room with your coworkers (yikes!), solving puzzles, trying to get out. You can see new sides of people and test your creative thinking.
  4. Volunteer– Here’s an idea everyone can get behind-giving back. It is a great bonding experience for anything to give back and it’ll give the office time to come together and do something greater than themselves. You can create some great memories and create some good. Whether it’s working at a soup kitchen in the morning, or painting a fence for a neighbor, volunteering is a great way for offices to destress and bond.
  5. Office trivia– Think you know your office inside and out? Test your knowledge against your coworkers. This is a great game for laughs and could even just be a way to break up the day. You could put up a question on a white board every day and see who gets the most questions right.

Planning events can be stressful but hopefully this helps take that stress away! Keep your employees motivated and excited about working for you. A little but of fun and play goes a long way. For more ideas, check out this HupSpot article with more ideas by clicking here.