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Why Keeping Your Website Updated is Important

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by | Sep 23, 2021 | Web Design

Keeping your website up to date can help it be more secure and load quicker.  Keeping plugins and themes updated on your site will help prevent the take-over of your site by hackers.  The longer you go without updating your site the more at risk your site becomes for malware and security hacks.  Updating your website can also be beneficial to the performance of your site, older plugins are more likely to have bugs and glitches.  When your site is fully updated, your visitors will have the best experience and all components of your site will work as they should.

Did you know that website security breaches have increased by 67% in the last 5 year? (Accenture) You are probably asking what is the easiest way to keep your site updated and running smoothly without having to constantly check for plugin and theme updates.  Smart plugin manager ensures all your plugins are on the latest version while also verifying the plugin updates are not breaking anything on your site.  With top of the line verification technology, smart plugin manager updates your site at low traffic times and checks every page to verify nothing is broken.  Get started with smart plugin manager today by Contacting Us.