Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 10

Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 10


Starting January 14, 2020 Windows 7 will no longer be supported by Microsoft. This means no more technical support, software or security updates for the operating system.   Windows 7 is being phased out we don’t want your business to be left in the dust. What does this mean for your business? What happens if you don’t upgrade? Is upgrading your whole network necessary?  iPoint can help you answer all these questions, contact us.


Security–  Microsoft has a life cycle for all of their products and when a product reaches the end of its life, major security concerns start to make way. All of the work that has been put into securing your business could go away simply because your operating system is no longer supported. The advice directly from Microsoft is “…your PC will become more vulnerable to security risks. Windows will operate, but you will stop receiving security and feature updates.” Microsoft will not be responsible for security breaches after January 14th leaving you and your company at risk. As a company you are also risking receiving a fine for not being GDPR compliant, when you use a out of date operating system you are not protecting personal data.


Software- Hackers and software developers know about the ending of Windows 7 as well. Hackers know the vulnerabilities they find after January 14, will be never closed and cyber criminals are waiting hastily for that day to arrive.   Software developers only write their programs to work on the latest operating system. If you don’t upgrade you will notice that any software you download will run poorly or wont work at all.


What Should You Do?- Don’t Wait!  It is estimated that one third of all Windows PC’s are still running Windows 7.   You should upgrade to Windows 10 as soon as you can. If you wait, when you need to upgrade your hardware and equipment you will find your self waiting in line. As January 2020 comes closer IT support will be become more and more limited. Some IT companies already anticipate projects started in the 2nd quarter of 2019 wont be finished before Microsoft’s deadline. Another factor to remember before upgrading is planning to have the correct hardware to run the new operating system. If any of this worries you, you should consider upgrading the computers on your network to Windows 10.

iPoint can help you upgrade your network to Windows 10 and provide consistent security against hackers and malware. iPoint can also provide your business with security assessments and ongoing security monitoring. Our network technicians will help create a tailored plan for long term security and updates for your network, so your never left unsupported and vulnerable again.

Want a Better Point-of-Sale System for Your Store?

Attention all beverage business owners. We get it, running a business is hard. Different POS systems can make the job a lot harder too. That is why iPoint become a Heartland Liquor POS authorized dealer—to help businesses like you! We can come in, set up the system, make sure things are running well, and if anything ever goes wrong, we are right there to help again! This system is easy to learn and easy to use to give us a call today and we can hep set you up for success. You might have some questions, so we wrote up this blog to help you know what the system is, and how it can help you!


  • Customer management– Liquor POS recognizes special customers of your and keeps them coming back for more!
  • Reporting– Liquor POS has sales tracking on demand
  • Security– The system is embedded with a multi-layer security always protecting you and your interests!
  • Inventory Tracking– It has a fully automated inventory tracking control, so you are never a day late or dollar short!


The system is simple, and we make it easier than ever. You can call us today at (970) 266-0703 or even set up an appointment with us just to learn more! Be sure to check it out!

How to Keep Your Business Computers Healthy

Every winter, we do everything we can to avoid catching a virus. We buy the extra-super-mega-strength hand-soap. We wipe down every available surface with disinfectant wipes. We steer clear of anyone sniffling.

Then flu season passes, spring arrives, and we all breathe a sigh of relief. Why? Because we avoided catching one of America’s most common viruses. We avoided countless sick days, canceled plans, lost time, and wasted money.

We avoided a giant headache.

Question: Are you doing everything you can to protect your business from catching a virus?

What is a virus?

A computer virus is a malicious code or program designed to alter the function of a computer. Much like the flu, a computer virus can spread quickly from one computer to another. This can cause significant damage to data and software.

Want to avoid a huge software headache? Here are three simple ways to avoid catching a computer virus:

#1: Use strong passwords.

Passwords are the first line of defense for your network security. It can seem helpful to create easy-to-memorize passwords out of short, simple phrases. However, it’s critical that you use a complex combination of letters and numbers to boost security.

#2: Keep software up-to-date.

Software companies regularly release updates that fix bugs. These updates prevent hacking and malware. Stay up-to-date: set your computers to automatically install trusted updates.

#3: Never click on links from unknown email addresses.

According to Microsoft, almost 45% of virus infections are spread from email links. If you don’t recognize the sender of an email, don’t click links or open attachments.

Want to keep your network secure? We can help.

We can protect your servers, networks, and work stations. iPoint Technology provides 24/7 iNetwork Monitoring. We’ll guard your business against viruses, security breaches, data loss, and more. Call us at 970-266-0703 to learn more about our affordable network monitoring services.