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Motivational Monday – 5 Tips on Staying Motivated

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by | Aug 20, 2018 | News & Insights

It’s the time of year when students go back to school, life settles down, and you get into a more consistent schedule. You might even be able to feel a change in the weather. Fall can be exciting, but it is also a time people lose a lot of motivation. Since it’s Monday, we decided to dedicate this week’s blog post to talking about our best tips to staying motivated.

  1. Set a goal and visualize it to the smallest detail

See yourself planning it out, working on tasks, and finishing the goal. Even the most elite athletes claim they imagine and can even feel the sweat dripping off their nose when they finish their race. This just pushes them harder to finish their goal. Visualizing the goal makes you realize that it’s possible and that itself can motivate you.

  1. Write out a list of reasons you want to accomplish the goal

These are the reasons that ground you and prove to yourself why the goal is important. It will give you something to always look back on and remind yourself why you’re working towards the goal in the first place. By writing down the goals with paper instead of just typing them, you make a deeper mental connection allowing yourself to feel more motivated on finishing the goal.

  1. Break the goal up into smaller, manageable pieces

A main factor in people losing motivation is that they feel their goal is too big and that they will never be able to reach the end. By breaking up the goal into manageable pieces, you allow yourself to see how far you’ve come and celebrate the small steps you’ve taken to completing the goal. Before you know it, you will have reached your goal without it ever feeling like it was too big of a project.

  1. Get the help you need

Only because it is your goal, doesn’t mean others can’t help in the process. Bringing in a buddy might even increase your motivation because you will have someone to keep you accountable. Sometimes a fresh set of eyes will help you see things in a new way and that can push the process forward.

  1. Prepare a plan for how you will conquer your loss of motivation

Now you may think this is defeatist thinking, but it is the opposite. It is almost inevitable that you will hit a wall and maybe even face some setbacks. But preparing for these setbacks allows you to have a plan of action and not lose motivation.

It’s important to remember everyone loses motivation and you are not alone. Hopefully these quick tips can help you keep motivation as we move into the new seasons.