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Is Remote Work Here To Stay?

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by | Jan 14, 2022 | News & Insights

Remote work is here to stay.  In March 2020 everything changed in the workplace as we know it.  By April 2020 over 80% of jobs were working remotely due to Covid and most never went back into the office.  Forced to take our work online has show the importance of good technology in the workplce.  A digital precense is now a requirement for all businesses and organizations.  69% of boards of directors accelerated their digital transformation due to Covid-19 (Gartner).  As remote work continues to be the norm, certain services will continue to have the utmost importance for most businesses.

The cloud has become more important and will contine to play a major roll in the business world going forward.  All data that can be moved to the cloud, should be due to the accessibilty for remote workers.  Most builds, staging enviorments and production applications have already moved to the cloud.  With local developments closely behind.  The clould has become the new place for files, tutorials and client information for most digital marketing companies.

The pandemic has also shifted the way people connect at work.  With checkins and staying in touch via slack or messenger, the way we communicate with other works has changed forever.  Managers need to make sure to check in with each employee a few times every week to check how they are responding to their current workload.  The times of 1 on 1 meetings have changed to slack messages and video calls.  Direct communication is still able to be achived if the manager and the employee are both willing to adapt and work with technolgy to find what works best for them.

Remote work is here to stay with some companies trying a hybrid approach and others remaining fully remote.  Gone are the times of packed offices and cramped cubicles.  Technology has shown that a remote workplace is possible and is the way of the future as we continue to work our way through the ongoing pandemic.