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Emergency IT Support

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Emergency IT Support

by | Feb 20, 2024 | News & Insights

At iPoint Technologies, we understand that IT issues don’t always adhere to the constraints of business hours. Recognizing the critical nature of addressing unforeseen emergencies, we extend our support to existing clients in need of after-hours IT services. Our emergency IT support services are designed to provide timely assistance when your network faces a critical outage or other urgent issues. It’s essential to note that these emergency services are reserved exclusively for existing clients, ensuring that we can prioritize those with whom we have an established partnership.

What Constitutes an IT Emergency?  

While we’re committed to addressing urgent matters promptly, it’s crucial to define what qualifies as an IT emergency. Emergencies include situations where the core functionality of your network is compromised, leading to significant business disruptions. Examples may include a complete network outage, critical server failures,  a ransomware attack, or other issues jeopardizing the fundamental operations of your IT infrastructure.

Emergency IT Support Services Beyond Business Hours  

1. Exclusive to Existing Clients:  

  • Our emergency IT support services are an exclusive offering for our existing clients, cementing our commitment to those who have chosen iPoint Technologies as their trusted IT partner.

2. Double Standard IT Rates:  

  • To ensure the availability of after-hours support and the prompt response of our expert technicians, emergency IT support is billed at double the standard IT rate. This premium reflects the additional resources and commitment required to address urgent issues outside of regular business hours.

3. Genuine Emergencies Only:  

  • We emphasize the importance of reserving emergency IT support for genuine emergencies. These services are intended for situations where immediate intervention is crucial to prevent or minimize significant business impact.

How to Request Emergency IT Support  

In the event of a genuine IT emergency outside of business hours, existing clients can submit a ticket, and select in the form that this is an IT emergency (if this option is not selected, we may wait until the next business day to respond). Our dedicated team will assess the severity of the situation and initiate the necessary steps to resolve the issue promptly.

What if I want to schedule non-emergency maintenance outside of business hours?
At iPoint Technologies, we recognize that routine maintenance is a vital component of ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of your IT infrastructure. For standard, non-emergency maintenance needs outside of typical 9-5 business hours, we offer the flexibility to schedule these activities ahead of time. This proactive approach allows us to address essential maintenance tasks without incurring emergency rates. By collaborating with our clients to find convenient time slots for scheduled maintenance, we aim to minimize disruption to your operations while ensuring that your IT systems receive the care and attention they require. This tailored approach underscores our commitment to delivering comprehensive and efficient IT support that align with the unique needs and schedules of our valued clients.

Preventing Emergencies with Proactive IT Management  

While emergency support is a crucial aspect of our service offering, our proactive IT management aims to minimize the occurrence of critical issues. Regular maintenance, monitoring, and strategic planning are integral parts of our approach to ensure the stability and reliability of your IT infrastructure.

At iPoint Technologies, we recognize the dynamic nature of IT challenges and the importance of a responsive support system. By offering emergency IT services exclusively to existing clients, we prioritize those who entrust us with their IT needs. Our after-hours support is a testament to our commitment to ensuring the continuous functionality of your network, even in times of unforeseen crises.

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