Are You Prepared for Business Closures Due to the Coronavirus?

You may experience Fort Collins Coronavirus business closures for 2-3 weeks due to quarantine and infection, leading to an increase of IT related issues. In addition to helping you with your Fort Collins digital marketing and network needs, iPoint is ready to set you up with a secure remote workplace solution, allowing employees to stay at home – away from spreading and infecting the office and other employees.

We have several options to get you connected to your servers or workstations securely: either through VPN or remote software technologies.

For over 18 years, we have been using these technologies that have built-in encryption so that you know your data is safe from hackers and data interception over the internet. Our team also realizes that some of you already have the ability to work outside your business, so if you need additional connections, we can also assist with those requests.

We are currently experiencing an increase of requests, so don’t wait – contact us today to schedule a review or setup an appointment regarding Coronavirus business closures. Our technicians realize that taking care of these setups is a top priority, we are working to ensure that you will not experience an interruption as this virus continues to spread quickly.



Click here to learn about iPoint’s Remote Workplace Solutions and to get more information on how iPoint can help keep your business running during Fort Collins Coronavirus Business Closures.


Stay safe and healthy,

Want a Better Point-of-Sale System for Your Store?

Attention all beverage business owners. We get it, running a business is hard. Different POS systems can make the job a lot harder too. That is why iPoint become a Heartland Liquor POS authorized dealer—to help businesses like you! We can come in, set up the system, make sure things are running well, and if anything ever goes wrong, we are right there to help again! This system is easy to learn and easy to use to give us a call today and we can hep set you up for success. You might have some questions, so we wrote up this blog to help you know what the system is, and how it can help you!


  • Customer management– Liquor POS recognizes special customers of your and keeps them coming back for more!
  • Reporting– Liquor POS has sales tracking on demand
  • Security– The system is embedded with a multi-layer security always protecting you and your interests!
  • Inventory Tracking– It has a fully automated inventory tracking control, so you are never a day late or dollar short!


The system is simple, and we make it easier than ever. You can call us today at (970) 266-0703 or even set up an appointment with us just to learn more! Be sure to check it out!