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Protect Your Profits: Small Business’ Biggest Security Threats

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Remote Backup disaster Recovery

Remote Backup disaster Recovery

Remote backup disaster recovery includes a few different moving pieces. The first is remote backups – this essentially means a company that provides networking services, such as iPoint Technologies, routinely makes copies of your company’s most significant data, and then stores those copies on a server that is located somewhere far away from your office. That way, if a disaster occurs – such as a wildfire, or one of your employees clicks on a suspicious link that downloads a ton of ransomware onto your servers, and suddenly you cannot access any business information unless you pay a huge ransom to strangers over the internet – your company’s information is safe and can be recovered! (Take that, fraudsters!)

by | Feb 26, 2018 | Networking

Cyber-attacks cost businesses in the U.S more than 400 billion dollars every year. However, when surveyed, only 2% of small business owners view a possible security threat as a serious concern. Although many view network security as a minor issue– after all, what hacker would go after a small business?– small businesses are often the target of a majority of security attacks. In fact, small businesses were the target of 61% of breaches in 2017 – a dramatic increase from 2016. Keep your business’ profits safe: here are the 3 biggest security threats small businesses could face in 2018.

#1: Email Phishing Scams

“Phishing” refers to any attempt to get a company or individual to share critical security information. In 2017, 1 out of every 131 emails were phishing scams. These illegitimate messages can be incredibly sophisticated and difficult to identify. Often disguised as belonging to reputable businesses or clients, they often mimic the style and wording of a professional email.

#2: Cyber-crime Syndicates

Gone are the days when hackers were college-aged guys with high-power computers stealing IP addresses. Today, cyber-crime is a multi-billion dollar industry. Closely related to money laundering, organized crime and human trafficking, cyber-crime has evolved into an international network of legitimate businesses with hourly employees, HR managers and paying clients, functioning in a similar fashion as any other business. Their singular purpose: to spread malware and steal– then resell– your confidential information.

#3: Ransomware

In ransomware scams, cyber-criminals infect a computer or network, steal data and then demand payment for its return. Hackers typically do not return personal information– even after business owners have paid exorbitant fees– and can leave a permanent virus on your computer or network. Ransomware payments cost businesses $75 billion last year alone.

So, how can you protect your business from crippling network attacks, persistent viruses and expensive recovery fees? You can make sure passwords are complex and different for every account you operate, invest in data breach security and hire network security professionals like iPoint Tech to back up your data and protect your profits. We provide routine network backups, virus protection and can even better the health of your current system.