Remote Workplaces

Don't be limited by location.

of companies work fully remote, globally.

of employers stated that work productivity is the same, or higher since converting to a remote workplace.

in savings per year, per employee according to Global Workplace Analytics.

Remote Workplaces report having reduced absenteeism, and reduced employee turnover.

What is a Remote Workplace Setup?

A Remote Workplace Setup is a system that allows your employees to safely and securely work from remote locations, so your employees can work from anywhere!

Remote Workplace Setups Include

VPN Installations

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) creates a private server that your computer connects to, which then connects to the internet from your internet service provider, as opposed to connecting to the internet directly from your computer. Any data you access, or send while using a VPN is protected through a private tunnel that can only be accessed through the license that is unique to your company. A VPN makes it nearly impossible for hackers to steal your information.

Encrypted Software Applications

A security program that encrypts your data stream, both at rest and in transit and is guarded by an encryption key.

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Network Packages

All of our individual networking services are “pay as you go”, meaning no contracts, prepaid services, or minimum support hours required. You can cancel anytime with 30 days notice.

However, if you prefer to bundle your services together for some overall savings, we also offer the below packages on an annual-contract basis. Pricing starts at $299.00 per month. Contact us to find out more!

Standard Small Business Package

  • 1 server and up to 5 PCs/users
  • 2 hours of network services per month
  • Network Monitor service for servers, desktops and workstations
  • Remote Backup Service - Unlimited online backup storage

Plus Small Business Package

  • 1-2 Servers and up to 20 PCs/users
  • Up to 4 hours of network services per month
  • Network Monitor Service for desktops, work stations and up to 10PCs
  • Remote Backup Service - Unlimited online backup storage

Professional Business Package

  • Up to 4 servers and 50 PCs/users
  • Up to 8 hours of network services per month
  • Network Monitor Service for servers, desktops, and workstations
  • Remote Backup Service - Unlimited online backup storage

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Remote Workplaces

Frequently Asked Questions

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Unfortunately, yes, there are additional risks that one can be exposed to in a remote workplace setting, despite that additional security that VPNs and Encrypted Software Applications provide. These additional risks can be mitigated with proper policies, and procedures within your workplace, and ongoing education for your team regarding best practices for Network Security. After all, it is well known that human error is the largest security risk in a network.

iPoint is happy to offer consultations on implementing secure practices. We also offer a Risk Assessment service that helps us (and you) know about attacks as soon as they happen.

Many businesses have decided to continue remote work, or adjust to hybrid systems because it creates opportunities for both employees and businesses to save lots on money on commuting, reduced employee turnover, and even the cost of renting/owning an office space.

In addition, many businesses like a remote setup because it increases their opportunities to find new employees. If you aren’t restricted to exclusively employing people in Fort Collins, then there are many more people you can consider hiring.

Rest assured that you are not alone, many business owners feel that same way. Before you sell your office space or terminate your lease, we recommend doing a temporary pilot to trial to the remote office experience. Prior to and during the trial, you should track important metrics to calculate changes in productivity and behavior. Then at the end, you can calculate costs and benefits.