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by | Jun 9, 2015 | Web Design

Chances are that you have heard of WordPress, one of the world’s most powerful website development platforms. However, the popularity and rate at which WordPress has grown since inception may surprise you. Ever year, more and more people and businesses use WordPress as their go-to solution for website creation. The growth of the company is ever-expanding, with no end in sight. The following are some shocking WordPress usage statistics, as well as some examples of the top 100 WP websites in the world:

WordPress Usage Statistics:
1. WordPress sites worldwide publish a combined 1,020 posts every minute.
2. Combined traffic to all WordPress website pageviews is 490 million – daily.
3. WordPress websites with blogs receive 183,000+ comments daily.
4. There are 444 million global yearly searches for WordPress – that’s 14 searches every second!
5. Despite all the web popularity, WordPress only employs 283 workers.
6. WordPress is available in 51 different languages.
7. There are over 34,000 available plugins for WordPress, and most of them don’t cost a penny.
8. 46 million users have downloaded WordPress since its inception – May of 2003.

Here are some popular brands that use WordPress websites:

New Yorker
BBC America
Star Wars blog
MTV News
Best Buy
Dallas Mavericks

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