Website Analysis

Website Analysis

This analysis will reveal errors, warnings and notices about your site and help show you information to help you make your site load faster and more efficiently.  The report will also reveal information regarding your websites crawlability and SEO to help show you how to get your site a better ranking on major search engines.


What the analysis does

Tests your site loading speed

Get a detailed report on how long your website page load time(the time it takes to fully display on the content on a specific page)

Checks your sites crawlability

Sites crawability shows the search engine’s ability to access an crawl content on a page.  A site with no crawlability issues means that web crawlers can access all content by following links between pages.

Content Issues

Content issues on your site can vary from duplicate, thin, and slow content.  This can negatively impact rankings depending on the type of content issue.

Meta Tags

Meta Tags are snippets of text that describe a page’s content.  They are content descriptors that help tell what a web page is about.  Meta tags can help your SEO rankings as well

JS and CSS Errors

This audit will show Javascript and CSS errors on your website

AMP Implementation

The report will show you the difference having accelerated mobile pages(AMP) on your site.  AMP will help your website load quicker on mobile devices and help the site use up less data when being loaded over mobile data

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