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Project Spotlight: Vision Brothers Construction

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by | Dec 12, 2013 | Web Design

iPoint recently designed a unique and interactive website for Vision Brothers Construction.  The first and probably most attention-grabbing aspect of the site is the homepage.  We developed an interactive menu using images that resize and crop according to where the mouse is hovered.  This visually captivating element allows the user to clearly navigate the website while viewing clean-cut images of the company’s past construction projects.  It is a great add-on to the site, and a must-have for businesses that want to bring attention to their work. 

The website is also responsive.  This means that the webpages will format differently according to the specific device in which they are being viewed.  Navigation is simplified and the layout is restructured across mobile phones, laptops, tablets and PC devices.

Image uploading on the administrator side is also very seamless and easy to use.  Image files which are uploaded to the gallery are automatically resized and cropped to fit within the thumbnail parameters, creating a consistent feel across the entire media gallery.

Vision Brothers are also an Ultimate SEO client.  This mid-grade package provides all the necessary optimization measures to get their website ranked across a number of keyword terms specific to the construction industry.  Within the first week of launching their SEO campaign, Vision Brothers received over 300 unique visits to their website, which is phenomenal.  Check out the Vision Brother’s custom home builder website.

Work Performed:

-Website Design




-Custom Image Gallery