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What is Black-Hat SEO

What is Black-Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO is like getting a speeding ticket in the world of Marketing. It’s disapproved of, and if you get caught enough times, your website will be in some serious trouble, since most of the time it ends in a search engine ban. Yeah, that means you’’ go from a top ranker to totally black-listed…

by | Jun 19, 2013 | Digital Marketing

Blogging has been around since the late 1990s and has grown extremely popular in today’s business age. In the past, blogging was simply an outlet for people to express their thoughts, opinions, feelings or experiences with the public.  Today, more businesses than ever are utilizing this technique to expand their online presence.  In fact, if you aren’t currently blogging your business is missing a huge opportunity to expand its visibility and reach.

Blogging also has a direct effect on your website’s search rankings. In the past, Google put emphasis on keywords when determining the order in which it would rank websites. As their algorithms evolved, their formula now takes into account how frequently a website is updated as well as the originality and quality of the content you post.  So, maintaining an up-to-date and useful blog can help boost your site to the top of search engine rankings.

About a month ago iPoint published a blog regarding Parallax website design.  Within a week of the posting, we ranked on the first page of Google when searching “parallax website design”.  Shortly after, we had an online service request reach us from a business owner in Brazil who wanted a parallax site of his own.  This portrays the power and importance of blogging on your website.  It’s simple enough to take 10-20 minutes out of your day to record your thoughts or provide some unique information to your site-goers.  If you lack the time needed, it is equally as easy to hire a copywriter to do the blogging for you (and generally at a reasonable rate).  So, get typing and start expanding your business’ online presence today!