Social Networks: Local Advertising on Facebook

by | Nov 4, 2011 | Blog

Facebook is projected to generate 74% of its total ad revenue from local advertising for 2009 where as the industry average is 20%, as reported by the Borrell Associates in their recent article “Local Ads Moving to Social Networks” (  With these numbers, it is not unlikely that your competitors are already reaching the hundreds of millions of potential customers on Facebook.

Luck for you, Facebook allows advertisers to easily create and manage very target ad campaigns.  They allow you to target specific states and cities within those states.  After you have narrowed down your states and cities you can target specific users based off of keywords found within their profiles.  Once you create your ad and choose if you want to pay per-click (PPC) or by 1000 impressions then you can choose if you want to direct users to your website or your companies Facebook page.  I would recommend directing users to your Facebook page and turn them into fans since you can then interact with them AND send them to your website.

It is time for your company to harness the power of social networking to help improve brand awareness and public relations.