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SEO Trends for 2013- 5 Considerations

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by | Jun 5, 2013 | Digital Marketing

If you are familiar with the world of search engine optimization, then you realize how often Google alters its search engine algorithms.  The most recent changes occurred during the Panda and Penguin updates in 2012.  Some websites dropped down many pages in a matter of days due to these changes, so staying current on SEO trends is extremely important to the well-ranking of your website.  Below are 5 of the most recognized 2013 SEO changes and trends:

1) Conversion Rate Optimization- Traffic to your website is important, but the ultimate goal is to convert visits into sales (especially for eCommerce websites).   Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the process of increasing the ratio of conversions to traffic on a site.  This new trend has web marketers using analytics and structuring websites differently in order to guide the user through the purchasing funnel effortlessly.  Interestingly, 8 out of 10 visitors on a website will not complete a purchase order- so facilitated site functionality and navigation correlates with higher sales.

2) Google + – As expected, Google’s own social project will now play a role in SEO rankings.  As this platform gains popularity, it has slowly been implemented into search engine optimization.  However, aside from Facebook and Twitter, Google’s own tool will be indexed with better search engines and most likely hold a greater importance to the search spiders.  For these reasons, it is crucial that your business develops a quality Google + profile page.

3) Guest BloggingThis is simply described as writing a post for a blog that you don’t manage.  In the past, it was a non-promotional method that offered a different perspective to viewers on any given topic.  Today, this is one of the safest forms of white-hat link building in SEO.  Expect paid or sponsored guest blogging to become more popular as the year continues.

4) Google Author Rank– Although this concept has offered significant relevance in search queries, Google warns that users should be prepared for it in the future.  Author Rank is a new algorithm Google will initiate that determines the total website relevance based on the quality of that page.  So, when hiring a copywriter or creating your own content, be sure the copy is quality in order to pursue the highest optimization standards for your site.

5) Local Listings & Analytics- If you operate your own business, then you realize the value of local listings.  These are the best way to drive local consumers to your website organically through search queries.  With more directories today than ever-before, be certain that your business is listed in the most popular databases in order to establish a local foothold.  As always, be sure to run analytics reports on your website as well.  Many people are utilizing Google Analytics to track their customers’ interests and online behaviors.  In order to develop a useful marketing and SEO campaign, track and explore your web analytics reports so that you can improve on your future strategies.

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