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What is Black-Hat SEO

What is Black-Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO is like getting a speeding ticket in the world of Marketing. It’s disapproved of, and if you get caught enough times, your website will be in some serious trouble, since most of the time it ends in a search engine ban. Yeah, that means you’’ go from a top ranker to totally black-listed…

by | Apr 3, 2014 | Digital Marketing

April 1 was just this last Tuesday, hopefully you had some fun. While it can be fun to play small pranks on friends and coworkers, or even have them played on you, you definitely don’t want to fall for these SEO myths. Read on to learn what common misconceptions people have about SEO.

Small businesses don’t need SEO

This one could almost not be farther from the truth. One of the troubles that small businesses run into is how to be found. It’s not a big issue if you open a small shop in a small town because everyone can see you. But if you want to put your business on the internet, it’s a different story. Your small store is now swimming with the giants and you need a way to be seen. This is why SEO is so important for small businesses.

If you have neglected doing SEO you are too far behind.

It is never too late to start doing SEO, especially for smaller businesses. It’s true that it takes time to build a successful SEO campaign. However, the sooner you start taking action, the sooner you will start to see your business at the top of searches.

SEO takes too much time or is too hard to understand.

There are many great tools on the internet to help you get the hang of SEO. WordPress , for example, lets you install plugins such as Yoast that give you basic tools to get started. If you still feel intimidated, or just don’t feel like diving headfirst into SEO, iPoint offers great SEO services and can explain everything to you in terms that you can understand.

Paid Search helps increase SEO rankings

This is one of the oldest myths that people still hold onto. It’s easy to think that if you pay Google for ads, they will increase your rank on their searches. However, there has never been any evidence that this actually is the case. The thousands of companies that have paid Google or Yahoo or Bing for paid searches have never claimed that it has helped increase their SEO rankings. Don’t be fooled to think you have to pay to increase your ranks. This myth is just pure superstition.

SEO is too expensive.

The cheapest way to accomplish SEO is to do it yourself. It’s cheap, you can get it done in just a few hours a month. It’s true that some businesses can charge you an arm and a leg for SEO services. iPoint doesn’t do that though. We offer comprehensive and affordable SEO services targeted toward small to medium sized businesses. Check out our SEO page, or give us a call, to learn more.