Ready to Boost Your Business to the Next Level with LiquorPOS?

by | Dec 20, 2017 | Blog, Networking

iPoint LiquorPOS SupportLiquorPOS is a point-of-sale and inventory control software designed specifically for your retail liquor store.

Liquor stores, like any retailer, need software with an easy to use point of sale interface that speeds customers through and provides all necessary sales functions.

Liquor retailers do, however, have a number of special requirements. LiquorPOS covers those general functions and is packed with extra features just for liquor retailers.

LiquorPOS includes a full suite of applications that includes a point of sale (POS), inventory control, customer management, reporting and much more. The solution is able to manage liquor stores of all sizes.

At iPoint, we can help you evaluate your store needs, purchase the hardware, install and continue support with maintenance.


  1. Easy transactions and access to product information
  2. Inventory Management
  3. Report Management
  4. Customer Management
  5. Custom security levels

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