AvenueWest offers month to month flexibility in fully furnished and professionally managed properties. They are a coporate housing property management company with other seventeen different franchises across the U.S. and Canada.

The Initial Challenge

Avenuewest wanted a new website. Their old site was not mobile friendly and had a very aged design with slow responsiveness. After working with them iPoint was able to help Avenuewest make a new site that was mobile friendly, had good easy of access, and was much easier to navigate.

The Solution

We worked closely with Avenuewest and their 17 different franchise owners to offer them web development services that were customized to the niche world of Furnished Corporate Housing Services. After we redesigned the website, Avenuewest was able to see a major improvement of active users on their website, as well as an increase in conversions. To  this day, both our Web and Digital Marketing departments work closely with AvenueWest’s franchise owners, nationally and internationally, to provide support and marketing services that exceed industry standards.

The Results


Their previous site had a very outdated design and was not responsive to multiple device sizes, such as mobile views and tablets. By the time this site came to our care, it had depreciated software, which caused many of the features to be broken.


AvenueWest’s new website has a much more update feel, is responsive to all screen sizes, and allows users to efficiently browse corporate housing listings. AvenueWest was pleased and agreed to continue working with iPoint to make ongoing changes to their website. The rebuilding of their website alone increased their number of new users by 163%.

Services Used

AvenueWest has been able to see amazing results by using these services




“iPoint helped us craft a website that we feel showcases our brand, while delivering information to our prospective clients in an easy to access manner. Paired with carefully honed PPC and digital campaign marketing, we finally have confidence in a company that is helping drive qualified prospective customers to our website and a website that actively helps us bring prospective clients through the sales process. iPoint is a great partner for us!”