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Project Spotlight: Rock Soft Chenille

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by | Aug 15, 2013 | Web Design

At iPoint, we love breathing new life into dated websites.  This was the case with Rock Soft Chenille, a company in Northern Colorado that specializes in custom jackets, patches and chenille embroidery.  Chenille yarns have a high abrasive resistance and low pile loss, and the products are surprisingly quite cheap to manufacture.  Customers can browse an extensive selection of clothing that all starts around $8 for a T-Shirt.  The company knew this style of clothing would be popular, so they wanted a website that was equally as stylish.

Our web developers gave Rock Soft Chenille a complete website make-over.  Along with hosting their site, the team also redesigned the entire website layout, integrated WordPress and added an interactive shopping cart for efficient sales.  This project was certainly a “Cinderella Story”-  the new website looks completely different, updated, and fashionable.  The biggest difference between these two sites is the level of professionalism each portrays.

2 Months Ago: The website seemed amateur and was very straightforward.  Nothing special grabbed the users’ attention, and the layout was less than aesthetically pleasing.  To be blunt, I personally would not give Rock Soft Chenille my business if I had viewed  their old website.

Today: Rock Soft’s website appears powerful and professional.  It encourages the user to browse and explore the different pages, while staying easy on the eyes due to a dramatic color/style overhaul.  Usability has increased dramatically, with quick navigation buttons and an easy-to-use shopping cart application in place.  Browsing speeds are also blazing fast, thanks to our hosting partner.