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Project Spotlight: To Your Health!

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by | Mar 26, 2014 | Web Design

To Your Health llc is a site that promotes good, healthy nutrition in order to help treat chronic disease and maintain optimal health. Recently, they have undergone a website update.

The whole feel of the website has been updated to reflect a more modern and satisfying look. The green-white gradient has been replaced with a warmer background image that not only is more pleasing to look at, but better reflects their overall brand. In balance with this, the fonts and images have been updated as well. The top banner buttons have been lowered and redesigned to match the rest of the page.

The style and feel of the website was not the only aspect involved with this update. The overall function has been improved as well. The front page still delivers the same information, but in a less cluttered method. The page takes more advantage of blank space. By making the content extend more to the left and right, the front page is not as long, meaning that more information can be shown on a first glance. The social media feeds are also displayed on the right side now, meaning people can more easily follow their page and events.