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Project Highlight- Bramson Productions

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by | Mar 11, 2013 | Web Design

iPoint recently undertook a colossal project for New York based client, Bramson Productions.  We created their entire CRM dashboard, which has multiple custom features.  Check out a few of the project highlights:

  • Upon logging in to the Bramson dashboard, immediately the user can see which events they are attending, other upcoming events they company is managing, and a calendar of all the events, employee scheduling, and vacations. From this screen, employees can also choose to view the dashboard of another employee to narrow down their specific events.
  • The dashboard also offers direct links to events for quick viewing and editing. Once in event, it tracks every detail of an event. Each event can have unlimited properties and room with hundreds of variable data management.
  • Beyond the main details of an event, it also offers the ability to track what equipment will be needed, the cost of the equipment,   and the cost to the client in its own section. The equipment section offers the ability to Group and Save groups globally to create Standard sets of equipment that can be used and easily added to future projects. It also obtains unique detail for the equipment for each event such as size requires per items, item quantity, and a description.
  • Moving along within the applications specific event tabs, it also features a travel tab. The main reason for this tab was to track where employees where and protect an employee from being booked in two different places at one time. The travel section will track everything from an airline, vehicle rental, hotel information, and train information. It will examine the time the employee is in travel, and if a user attempts to book an employee travel to another destination at any point during the duration of their travel, it will flag the travel and produce several warnings which can be overridden.
  • With travel, equipment, and other details of an event comes expenses. This application allows employees to enter all sorts of expenses which integrate with QuickBooks. Each expense is assigned to an employee. It requests a description of the item, the cost, and the quantity. As with most businesses, it’s also imperative that a receipt is uploaded with the expense item for the employee to actually be reimbursed. Once all the necessary information has been fulfilled, it then asks the employee to assign it a category from a pre-populated field.
  • One of the other great features of the application is the ability to reduce the amount of time it takes to produce all the documentation for an event. Using data the system has collected, it able to produce most the documentation it takes to produce an event. Once this documentation has been generated, the system can e-mail these documents to clients that are part of this event. It can do this with because the system contains a built in contact manage.
  • The built in contact manage keeps track of everyone at any given company with details such as their birthday, home/business address, the ability to add unlimited phone numbers, social security number, and more. It also allows an employee to set an access level for the client. By setting an access level, a client can login to the database and view a read only version of the site or even be able to edit some details of the site depending on their access level. This allows the client to keep track of all details that are involved with their event live.
  • The cool thing about the database, is it allows multiple users to view any given event at the same time while protecting the data from being overwritten if it’s currently being modified by another user. It does this by check every 5 minutes for live activity from a user. If a user leaves their computer with a client page still pulled up, after five minutes it asks if they are still editing. If no response is given, it will switch them to a read-only mode if another user is request edit access.