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Client Spotlight: The Pig And The Fig

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by | Mar 7, 2014 | Web Design, Web Hosting

iPoint has worked with The Pig and The Fig since early 2012, when Michelle came to us wanting to host her website.  The Pig and The Fig is a collection of hearty and healthy recipes by Michelle DeHaven, a Boulder resident who maintains the website as a side project.  Over the years, however, the website has gained popularity and she recently setup SEO services with us to ensure her site is properly optimized for potential spikes in traffic.  Michelle also contributes to Vanity Fair’s Agenda and has been featured in various cooking publications across the web.

iPoint began performing search engine optimization services for the Pig and The Fig in the first part of December, 2013.  Since that time, the analytics data has shown very favorable results in terms of traffic and page views.  Here are a few of those statistics:

  • Nearly 10,000 website visits in the first 3 months – 8,300 of which are unique
  • 16,700 page views
  • 84% of website traffic is coming from organic searches
  • 24,200 search impressions in the past month
  • 10% of website entrances were from outside of the United States

The Pig and The Fig’s collection of recipes allows for our SEOs to optimize each recipe with its own unique semantic markup.  This allows for a snippet image, brief description and user-rating to be displayed in Google search results when a specific recipe is searched for.  This can greatly increase click-through ratings and adds a very customized, visual aspect to the URL link.

Be sure to check out Michelle’s delicious and healthy recipes at her website, and contact our SEO department for tips on how to boost your site to the top of search engine rankings- just as we did for the Pig and the Fig.