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Awesome Domain Endings Released in 2014

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by | Feb 20, 2014 | Web Design, Web Hosting

How would you like to have a .builders domain for your construction company, or a .sexy domain for your clothing store?  These suffixes at the end of domain names are called generic top-level domains (gTLDs).  Historically, these have only included the common .org, .com, .info, and .net endings.  However, there will be hundreds and possibly thousands of new gTLDs released throughout the upcoming 2014 year.

There has been a slow introduction of several top-level domains over the past years which has only generated a greater demand for a wider variety by the general public.  Since 2008, gTLDs have fallen into two categories: Open or Community.  Community-based domain suffixes are described as being available only to organizations that benefit a defined community consisting of a restricted population.  Every other domain is considered to be part of the Open gTLD category.  These can be used for any purpose consistent with requirements of the evaluation criteria; in other words, the gTLD must relate to your business (you can’t register for a .casino gTLD for a non-gambling related business).

You may be wondering what domains exist at this time, as certainly I have.  The following is a list of the gTLDs I found to be the most entertaining:


And still… hundreds more exist!  Contact our web department to see if a new, creative gTLD is available for your business!