i-Network Monitor

24/7/365 Network Monitoring Service

A complete network monitoring service providing 24/7 networking monitoring so your business can avoid downtime and repairs.

iNetwork Monitor can benefit your business by protecting your servers and PCs from:

Breached Network Security

Virus Vulnerability

Hard Drive Errors/Failures

Memory Issues

Backup Failure

Poor System Health

i-Network Monitor helps protect these systems:

  • Servers

    As the most vital part of your business, your network server should be monitored to watch for key issues that can cause the most critical disasters. iPoint will notify you and fix them fast-before it costs you downtime and loss of business.

  • Networks

    A network is the backbone of your business- it handles all communications from workstations and desktops, servers, printers, and internet/email traffic. By eliminating inefficiencies more quickly, iPoint can spot problems early, show where upgrades may be neeeded, and deliver better overall performance for your network.

  • Work Stations

    Workstation monitoring checks for serious issues, antivirus health and updates. It runs on any Windows PC or laptop and is crucial for keeping your workstations clean and safe.