Network Protection – UPS/Battery backups for Servers and PC’s

by | Nov 4, 2011 | Blog

Why a UPS and not a surge protector? UPS units have a leg-up on surge protectors in many ways. Both handle surges, but a UPS gives you battery backup power. This allows time to save the data in your computer and shut down your system before anything is lost.

A UPS protects your system from the following power problems:

  • Power transients – brief surges in voltage caused by lightning strikes or when electricity-hoarding appliances (like air conditioners and copiers) are turned off
  • Spikes – instantaneous increases in voltage caused by lightning or overloaded power grids 
  • Brownouts – a reduction of your incoming voltage 
  • Power failure – a complete interruption of electrical power 
  • Line noise – interference from electrical appliances

All of these power problems can damage your desktop and corrupt data. A UPS will provide power to keep your system running, giving you the chance to save valuable data and shut down your system properly. Some models even include software that automatically saves and shuts down your files.

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