Marketing Your Business With Flickr

by | Aug 15, 2012 | Blog

Flickr Business MarketingAnother social media site is beginning to make pretty big waves when it comes to your business.  Flickr allows users to upload photos and videos of themselves onto their profile.  From a business standpoint, owners can use these postings as a way to promote their brands.  Although most people overlook Flick, when utilized property it can do great things to promote your brand campaigns.  This is because when people conduct searches online they will be directed to your Flickr, blog or website page if it falls under your line of work.  With this knowledge in hand, there are a few things you can do with Flickr to promote your business.

Create Interesting Thumbnails

Thumbnails are the first thing people see when they search, so they should demonstrate what the website is promoting.  Place the photo with the most accurate description at the top of the list so the thumbnail relates to the others following.

Upload photos of products/services

People won’t click on your photos to access your site if they’re uninteresting.  Whatever images you post should be a welcoming representation of your company and make the user want to visit your website for more information.  You can get creative and post pictures from your business or of your employees, just be sure to get their permission first.

Have a complete business profile

There is a space to share business information on Flickr. Be sure to keep it updated with your company’s information, but short enough that people still desire to learn more.  Logos and short descriptive paragraphs should be enough to keep the average user interested.

Have an easy screen name

Your screen name should be easy to remember for the user.  One as simple as your business name can be enough, because most users search for particular companies and sites.  Plus, people will associate your Flickr pictures with your company name if it is in the screen name.  You can also try including a click URL in your screen name to generate more visitors.

Join Groups

Social media is, after all, a social activity- so do your part in the Flickr community to get recognized.  Joining groups, commenting on photos and remaining active are great ways to get others to become a part of your promotional campaign.